The Weekly Round Up: June 4-10

Hi again.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but now that I’ve got internet, I’m back here on a Saturday to bother you with all of the environmental news I found interesting this week.  There was a lot that went on this week, what with it being World Environment Day on Monday, Canadian Environment Week, and World Oceans Day on Thursday.  Outside of all of that, there were ancient birds, Macron trolling Trump, and whales in NYC.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: July 31- August 6

It’s that time of week again- it’s time for the Weekly Round Up!  Summer’s just hurtling by as we have our first August Round Up (it seriously still feels like summer’s just started).  We’ve got a bunch of news coming your way, so settle in with your cup of Joe, or tea, or oj, or whatever it is you enjoy to drink on a Saturday, no judgement here.  We’ve got happy volcanoes, snow in New Zealand, and superhero whales.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: March 14-19


Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  Your source fall all news environmental that may have flown under the raider, or maybe is so big that I can’t help, but talk about it (I mean the SeaWorld news this week is pretty big).  This week we’ve got some great news for cetaceans, our killer environment, GPS frogs, and mutant Alzheimer’s mice.  So grab a cup of Joe, and join me as we talk all about this week’s news! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: October 26-31


Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man!  Guys, guys, guys- big news!  People were talking about poop this week!  Like, professional people- it’s not just us anymore who talk about poop.  Sure, other stuff happened this week- processed meat is bad for you (no shit ), we might need to “hack” the environment, and a guy prostituted out his dog.  BUT, lots of people were talking about poop, and really, that’s what I’m most excited about.  So here’s all the cool, crazy things that happened this week, and the poop research that got everyone talking! Continue reading

Zoos: In or Out?!

tigerThe earliest known zoo was discovered during an archaeological dig in Hierakonpolis, Egypt, dated at 3,500 B.C. It’s believed that the pharaohs collected exotic animals for entertainment as well as demonstrating their wealth. Ever since then, humans have been obsessed in seeing exotic animals.

The first zoo in America was opened on July 1, 1874. Today, there are currently 212 zoos in America, 35 zoos in Canada, and approximately 10,000 zoos worldwide. Zoos provide an opportunity for entertainment as well as education. However, an issue that has been gaining momentum recently, is whether or not we should have zoos removed. Costa Rica was the first country in the world to jump on this issue, announcing the closing of all their zoos in 2013. Is there a good reason to close zoos? Are zoos still relevant in today’s society, or have we moved past them? Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 25-29


We might have missed last week’s Weekly Round-Up, but never fear, we’re back in full force this week- and what a weirdly chameleon filled week it was.  This week wasn’t all about chameleons though, there was also some timely environmental tips from our friends over at TransCanada (the pipeline guys), and good news for orcas in Ontario.  It wasn’t the craziest of weeks, but it sure had it’s ups and downs, so let’s dive in. Continue reading