That Moment You’re Reminded That Sea Monsters Exist

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buy provigil australia I admit that quite often I get stuck in my own bubble. I have my house, I go to school, I write articles, and then I repeat. My immediate interactions with nature are limited to my bubble. For instance, I’m very well versed with squirrels, raccoons, robins, an array of spider species, and mosquitoes. Easily, I forget the diversity of life that inhabits the planet! That’s why my favourite animal fact is that the blue whale is the largest organism to have ever lived on Earth! The reason I love that fact so much is because it still lives on Earth, which means I’m currently sharing the planet with the largest creature EVER!  Continue reading

Is Litter Removal About To Be Crowdsourced?

It may sound like some crazy, shadow, undercover, conspiracy theorist’s wet dream of a group, but Jeff Kirschner’s litter app- Litterati- might just help clean up the world.  For your Friday viewing pleasure is the TEDTalk Kirschner gave all about his app, complete with an Elon Musk look-a-like spectator, a completely awkward, stand on this red dot, presentation format, a standing ovation I possibly audibly laughed at, and an app that is actually pretty darn interesting, and might make some real changes.

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TGIF: Yawning Cats

Well this week was a trashfire type of week.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I don’t need to go into detail about why this week was just brutal to get through- and if you have been living under a rock, is there room for another person?  While I’d like you to just reread/read this article again, I feel like I still need to give you all something new.  So here it is.  Turn off your brain, forget about all of your worries, and watch kittens yawning.  Because screw this turd encrusted asshole of a week.  I think we all just need a break.

Video Of Emaciated Zoo Bears Sparks Outrage

A video taken last year at the Bandung Zoo in Indonesia by the Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring group showing a pair of emaciated sun bears has gone viral. The video was released after the group revisited the zoo this year and reported that the bears looked worst than the previous year. The same zoo came under fire last year after a Sumatran elephant died. 

The videos show the sun bears living in a small and dirty enclosure. Beyond the cleanliness of their surroundings, the bears’s ribs were clearly visible as well as begging for food from zoo visitors. Visitors were also caught throwing junk food into the enclosure. One of the most disturbing parts of the video is the bears are seen consuming their own feces.  Continue reading

Comedian Completely Calls Out API For Plaigarism

Everyone and their neighbour’s ghost are watching the Olympics right now! And since the Olympics are one of the most watched sporting events on the planet, companies are willing to spend lots of money to advertise during the games. The American Petroleum Institute (API) bought airtime to release a new commercial highlighting how great they are. Comedian and host of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, noticed that their commercial looked very similar to his own show’s opening credits. In complete satire fashion, Oliver exposes the API for plagiarism, while also shedding a light on their ridiculous advertising tactics! Who knew fracking could be so fun! Check out the video below!

Warning: there’s some naughty language and imagery in the video, but it’s pretty hilarious! 


Hopefully this teaches the API to double check its sources before they release their next commercial! 

Everything You Need To Know About CRISPR

Firstly, I just want to apologise.  Today I’m not writing an original article.  I’m not sharing news with you.  I’m really putting in minimal effort.  But my god is this warranted, cause I’m sharing with you something you should not miss.  A new video was released today (which I’m shamelessly taking from reddit, where I discovered it) all about CRISPR, and you must watch it.  We’ve talked about CRISPR here before, but honestly, I can understand if it all is still confusing to you.  The video released today onto youtube, by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, not only makes understanding CRISPR easier, but also truly shows you how groundbreaking it is.  We’re standing on the precipice of something incredible here in science, and if you have 16 minutes to kill, or even if you don’t, you should watch this right now.

Gene Editing Is Pretty Damn Cool

Man oh man, are you ready to get wonderfully smarter before the weekend?  You’ve probably heard a little about CRISPR, I mean we brought it up just last week, and to a larger degree you’ve probably heard about gene editing in general over the last few months.  But if you haven’t heard anything about gene editing, or even if you have, get ready to get your mind BLOWN.  Seriously, it’s crazy!  We’re essentially gods now.  So to kick start your weekend, and to make you into the smartest person at the dinner table, here’s an awesome TED Talk all about gene editing and its implications.

The Weekly Round Up: December 28- January 2


We might have missed last week, but we’re back this week in full force!  Lots of stuff went on this week, and chances are you might have heard of a few of them.  I’m talking about natural gas leaks, new sharks, and giant squids.  But don’t worry, there’s also some pure-ly awesome bison news and a crazy hungry Chinese zookeeper, both of which may be news to you.  So here’s what happened this week while the Earth grew a year older. Continue reading

Top 10 Live Animal Cams

giphy (17)

You know, travelling around the world and seeing nature in all its natural beauty is pretty difficult and pretty expensive.  Fortunately for us lazy, poor people, we have the internet, and with the internet comes certain perks.  We can get news for free, we can illegally torrent things to feel like pirates, and we can watch some awesome live feeds of animals in their natural habitats.  Today, we’re more focused on that last one, by bringing you the best of the best when it comes to live animal cams.  Sure, sometimes nothing much is happening with them, but when they’re on, they’re on!  So here are, in no particular order, our 10 favourite live animal cams! Continue reading

Major Nature Fails


It is a great thing to be able to get out of the city and enjoy the beauty of nature. The crisp, clean air, the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair can boost your mood and relax you. However, nature isn’t always so pristine and calming and there is also a subset of humanity who should not venture into nature…ever. To honour these unfortunate human beings, here is a collection of some the best nature fails courtesy of the Internet! Continue reading

Let’s Get Political: NDP Edition- Updated

Here we go people! We are getting ever closer to election day, which means things are getting heated up on the election trail, and I’m looking forward to no longer seeing random people’s names on front lawns everywhere! This week we are taking a look at the NDP’s environmental “platform”. Now, Brian, why did you put quotation marks around “platform”? Well my curious readers, let me explain. You see, for all of these articles I accomplish a certain level of research that I’m quite proud of, consisting mostly of me looking through a federal party’s website, as well as at credible news articles and interviews to uncover their environmental platform. Doing this for the NDP party, however, was like excavating the Grand Canyon in search of a missing cell phone! There were no documents on their website that outlined their platform in detail, nor were there any news articles available that gave more information other than a mumble jumble of buzz-words such as “sustainability” and “change”. Without coming across biased…here is a series of quotes and videos that we could find of Thomas Mulcair addressing Canada’s environment. Continue reading

Top 10 Animal Fails

3769283867_96599d3e7c_o (1)

They say to err is human, but I’d argue we’re not the only ones who make mistakes.  I mean, I’ve personally seen my dog run into a screen door on multiple occasions, and birds hit windows so often that big cities hire bird clean-up crews to collect dead birds every morning.  While that second one might not be too funny, there are plenty of great videos out there of animal fails that are quite funny.  So here are ten of my personal favourite animal fail videos: Continue reading

Cats and Cardboard Boxes= Happiness


I don’t know about you guys, but I could really go for something uplifting right about now, and I think I’ve found the best remedy.  What do you get when you give a cat a cardboard box?  Millions of hits on youtube, and an overload of cuteness.  Money can’t buy you happiness, but I think cats with cardboard can, so here are ten videos of cats being all adorable and such, hopefully you haven’t seen them before. Continue reading

Oakville Students Raise Awareness for the Environment

We find it very uplifting and encouraging to see so many young people getting involved in environmental issues. A group of students at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School in Oakville got together after watching some documentaries and decided to do something. The documentaries in question were “Sharkwater” and it’s follow up “Revolution”, which inspired them all to get the word out about shark-finning. When a letter-writing campaign didn’t get the response they wanted, they decided to put together a viral music video, which turned out to be both informative and very catchy! These guys are some amazing young people and if you want to help out their cause, you can go to and sign the petition to ban the shark fin trade! Now, CHECK OUT their video below!

Continue reading

New Evidence Shows Rarest Big Cat Making a Comeback



The Amur leopard is considered to be one of the rarest cats in the world with only an estimated 30 individuals left in the wild in 2007. Found in the Amur River Valley, the Amur leopard faces a multitude of threats to its population numbers such as habitat destruction, poaching, and, oh yeah, cannibalism! Amur leopards are also found over an area of more than 36,000 hectares, which makes finding a mate for a solitary cat quite difficult. Fortunately, for Amur leopards, things might just be looking up for them. Continue reading

This Woman Was Scared to Take Her Daughter Outside! You Will Be Shocked Why!


Chai Jing, a China Central Television newscaster, faces what seems to be an immeasurable fear. As a mother to a young girl, she wanted to show her the wonder and beauty of the world, and yet was scared of what laid directly outside of her apartment door- the smog. The city that she had fallen in love with was covered by a layer of air pollution that stifled her abilities for her and he family to leave their apartment for almost half of 2014. Beijing had become her “prison”. Continue reading

Rare Black Sea Devil Filmed For The First Time!



With the name “Black Seadevil”, you would expect this video to be of a brand new super villain. However, this is the name given to a rare, deep-sea anglerfish. A remotely operated vehicle, off the coast of California, was able to capture the never-before seen footage, 1900 feet below sea level. Even more impressive is that the team of researchers were able to bring the female anglerfish up to the surface, in tact, and have transferred her to a research facility to observe this little-known species. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About: Anacondas!!

The Goliath of snakes, the Anaconda, is the largest reptile in the world by weight at 500 lbs. A superb hunter, the Anaconda has intrigued humans, and has also been portrayed as a super-villain in Hollywood movies (like that one in 1997 with JLo).


Well, the Anaconda recently received public attention again with the Discover Channel stunt “Eaten Alive” where naturalist, Paul Rosolie, attempted to be consumed by a Green Anaconda to film the inside of one of these beasts. Continue reading