The Weekly Round Up: April 10- May 6

buy provigil in usa What?!?!?!?  A new Weekly Round Up?  But we haven’t had one of these in weeks???  After dropping the ball for a few weeks, it’s back baby, in all its glory.  I’ve scoured the internet and grabbed for you a group of environmental news stories that I think you’ll enjoy.  I’m talking fish eyeball parasites, CRISPR-HIV research, and a pretty damn cool cuttlefish battle.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

Featured Contributor Theresa Ramirez: Hiking the GTA- 8 Tips To Get You Started!

At the start of the year I set myself one new years resolution: to go on 5 hikes. Super ambitious, I know. But despite all the odds, it’s now May and I have been out and about hiking the GTA almost every weekend since New Years day! Take that haterz. So if you, like pre-2016 me, have the hiking itch, but just don’t seem to be able to find the opportunities to get out and explore nearby trails, here are a few tips I have picked up that might help you get outdoors.

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Featured Contributor Jackie Hamilton: Urban Forests


The City of Toronto is often referred to as a concrete jungle, but not often thought of as an actual forest ecosystem. As the biggest city in Canada, it may seem a strange place for someone who loves forests to live. The truth is, most of southern Ontario’s landscape can be classified as urban or sub-urban, and yet trees have far from disappeared from the landscape. Even though there are lots of trees in the city, the urban forest needs a lot of help to survive, because life on the streets is tough for anybody. Continue reading

An Argument For Green Roofs


Green roofs are cool.  If you’ve never heard of them before, chances are you’ve seen them or can guess as to what they might be.  Simply put, they’re rooftop gardens, except the whole roof is the garden.  They’re pretty much living roofs, and they’re really helpful.  Unfortunately, most people don’t consider green roofs as something other than aesthetically pleasing, even though there are a ton of benefits for both the owner and the environment.  There’s more to green roofs than what meets the eye (see what I did there… cause it’s more than just aesthetics), and I honestly think more people should consider making their roof green, and here’s why: money. Continue reading