The Weekly Round Up: June 25- July 1

buy modafinil online legal Happy Canada Day!  I know you’re all excited to celebrate the big 150 (unless you understand that the Indigenous people who have been using this land long before Europeans showed up are still being disenfranchised and ignored- so maybe you’re excited to protest it), but either way, before all of that gets underway, some news.  Here are all of the environmental news stories that caught our attention this week- let’s dive in! Continue reading

Weird Wednesdays: Flehmen Response


Well, apparently you guys really liked last week’s inaugural Weird Wednesdays entry, so get ready for another one.  This week I want to talk about a behaviour that most of you have probably seen, but don’t know what it is- especially you horse people, you’ve definitely seen it.  Called the flehmen response (or reaction or position), it is a behaviour undergone by tons of mammals to “taste” the air.  It also makes animals look super funny.  What makes this behaviour one step weirder, is that it is connected to an organ most know thanks to snakes.  That’s right, snakes and horses share the same organ- the Jacobson’s organ- and taste smells in a similar fashion. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 29- June 4


Well, after yesterday’s optimistic article, I’m back today with reality to smack you in the face- sorry.  There was a lot of shit that went on this week while everyone was obsessed with the Cincinnati zoo and Harambe.  It’s almost like everyone was trying to unload all of their crap quietly, while everyone worked themselves up into a ridiculous gorilla-fuelled frenzy.  Anyways, we’ve got an update on the Tiger Temple situation (#JusticeForThailandTigers), lots of coral, and a great new policy out of Norway.  Let’s dive in! Continue reading

40 Dead Tiger Cubs Found in Thai Buddhist Temple


Well guys, it’s time to start talking about something other than the Harambe incident.  The internet seems to have become obsessed with this fiasco in Cincinnati, but there are other things going on in the world that need to be addressed.  The situation has been broken down from every angle, and it’s all just become ridiculous.  But, clearly people care about the death of animals… right?  Unfortunately, I just don’t believe that to be true, because while everyone has been caught up by this, worse news is being ignored- a big major one being a raid on a popular Buddhist temple in Thailand, where 40 dead tiger cubs were found in a freezer.  If you actually care about justice for animals, like that suuuper popular hashtag makes it seem, than believe me, this story is right up your alley. Continue reading

5 New Wildlife Corridors Being Planned For Bengal Tigers


Ooooh baby, is this article late today.  But that’s alright, I’m here now, I’m at my computer, and I’m focused.  I’m back on the right path- segue- I’m talking about paths today.  Well, technically wildlife corridors, but that’s just a fancier way of saying path.  Anyways, I digress.  In Uttar Pradesh- a state in India- five new wildlife corridors are going to be created to facilitate the movement of bengal tigers between a few national parks and sanctuaries.  Isn’t that great?!?! Continue reading

Cambodia Says Goodbye To Its Tigers


Coming straight from Cambodia, hot off the press as they might say, conservationists have finally declared that the Indochinese tiger is functionally extinct in the country.  What this means, is that while there are still a few tigers left, they are not able to breed, and thus these tigers are essentially a thing of the past- they just haven’t clocked out yet, so to speak.  Apparently, the last time anyone has even seen a tiger in Cambodia was in 2007, on a camera trap, so yeah, they’re more than just “functionally” extinct in my mind, these guys are gone.  Fortunately, however, the story doesn’t end there. Continue reading

Zoos: In or Out?!

tigerThe earliest known zoo was discovered during an archaeological dig in Hierakonpolis, Egypt, dated at 3,500 B.C. It’s believed that the pharaohs collected exotic animals for entertainment as well as demonstrating their wealth. Ever since then, humans have been obsessed in seeing exotic animals.

The first zoo in America was opened on July 1, 1874. Today, there are currently 212 zoos in America, 35 zoos in Canada, and approximately 10,000 zoos worldwide. Zoos provide an opportunity for entertainment as well as education. However, an issue that has been gaining momentum recently, is whether or not we should have zoos removed. Costa Rica was the first country in the world to jump on this issue, announcing the closing of all their zoos in 2013. Is there a good reason to close zoos? Are zoos still relevant in today’s society, or have we moved past them? Continue reading