Rowers, Turtles, And An Accidentally Fixed River

300 mg Seroquel Life at the Thames River in London (the Thames River in London, Ontario, not the River Thames in London, England… cause people are ridiculous) has never been better.  A section of the river, near the Springbank Dam, has seen its natural ecosystem flourish over the past decade thanks to the dam itself being broken.  With the river allowed to naturally flow once more, spiny softshell turtles (an endangered species in Canada), fish, and snakes have been able to set up large population sizes, and turn the area back into an important wildlife hotspot.  This might all change however. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: March 21-26 snoop-dog-81879_960_720

It’s Saturday, and snow or no snow (at the end of March!?!?!? Really!) it’s time for the Weekly Round Up.  Molson Coors is being fined, cats have their own dating app, and Snoop is back!  Environmental news was all over the place this week, but any week where the Doggfather himself returns is a good week.  So let’s dive in. Continue reading