This TEDTalk About Smelfies and Synthetic Biology Might Be The Weirdest Thing You Watch All Week

how to order Lyrica taper This one is a bit of an odd one, and I kind of don’t know what sort of introduction to give because of it.  Smell is important, we are all effected by smells- so what if we could talk smells one step further.  What if we could create smell selfies- smelfies?  Whether or not you’ve ever asked this question before, Ani Liu’s talk on Smelfies and synthetic biology might just make you start.  Or at the very least, it may just open up your imagination to what we might be able to achieve through crazy new science experiments.

TEDTalk: A New Idea To Recycle Styrofoam We all know styrofoam is awful.  We can’t do anything with it, it takes a million (well maybe ~500) years to breakdown, and everyone loves to fight about whether or not it’s recyclable, or whether or not their city recycles.  Or maybe that’s just a discussion that I frequently have.  Anyways, we don’t really have any answers as to what to do with styrofoam- but that might be changing.  A group of kids might have just found the answer.

Is Litter Removal About To Be Crowdsourced?

It may sound like some crazy, shadow, undercover, conspiracy theorist’s wet dream of a group, but Jeff Kirschner’s litter app- Litterati- might just help clean up the world.  For your Friday viewing pleasure is the TEDTalk Kirschner gave all about his app, complete with an Elon Musk look-a-like spectator, a completely awkward, stand on this red dot, presentation format, a standing ovation I possibly audibly laughed at, and an app that is actually pretty darn interesting, and might make some real changes.