Let’s Talk About: Hammerhead Sharks

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http://wpchotsprings.com/AutoCAD-MEP-Gebäudeerfassung-zur-technischen-Berechnung(-aZ8qpTZFzE Since Michael Phelps is apparently going to race a shark for Shark Week (which I assume will take 2 minutes, meaning we’ll have to sit through 28 minutes of stupid commercials and bullshit interviews about how Michael Phelps has a chance), I thought it might be an appropriate time to talk about hammerhead sharks, cause they’re kinda funny looking, but also kinda terrifying.  And sure, they aren’t the biggest sharks out there, and they sometimes get eaten by tiger sharks, but hey, who am I to judge.  At the end of the day, they are one of the most interesting looking species out there.  So let’s talk about hammerhead sharks. Continue reading

8 Weird Animal Body Part Names


There’s lots of weird shit out there.  We’ve got moles with star shaped noses, tapirs with mini trunks, and anteaters with tongues the length of my arm.  Unfortunately, the weirdness doesn’t stop there.  No, things can’t just look odd, we’ve got to give them weird names as well.  So, for you today, I’ve found 8 of the weirdest animal body part names out there.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Flashback Fridays: 8 Animal Babies That Are Better Than Human Babies

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Today I’d like to take you all back to October 2nd 2015, and an article that I’m quite proud of.  Still to this day I believe that human babies are pretty shitty, and so I’d just like to remind you all of that fact.  Therefore, under the guise of Flashback Friday, I’d like to (re)present to you all why human babies suck, and show you some pretty cool things that other babies are able to do.  Enjoy my 2015 self! Continue reading

Top 10 Live Animal Cams

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You know, travelling around the world and seeing nature in all its natural beauty is pretty difficult and pretty expensive.  Fortunately for us lazy, poor people, we have the internet, and with the internet comes certain perks.  We can get news for free, we can illegally torrent things to feel like pirates, and we can watch some awesome live feeds of animals in their natural habitats.  Today, we’re more focused on that last one, by bringing you the best of the best when it comes to live animal cams.  Sure, sometimes nothing much is happening with them, but when they’re on, they’re on!  So here are, in no particular order, our 10 favourite live animal cams! Continue reading

Yao Ming Fights Shark Fin Soup And Gets A Slam Dunk

(AP Photo)

(AP Photo)

After retiring from professional basketball, Chinese giant and basketball phenom Yao Ming isn’t getting boring in retirement.  Using his power as a Chinese all star celebrity, Ming has teamed up with WildAid to save sharks from extinction, by telling Chinese citizens to stop eating shark fin soup.  To date, his campaign has been unbelievably successful, with shark fin harvesting down somewhere between 50 and 70 percent, all thanks to him.  Take that Rob Stewart- not the one who wants to know if you think he’s sexy, but the Shark Water guy- look who’s saving sharks now. Continue reading

8 Animal Babies That Are Better Than Human Babies

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As a species, humans are pretty shitty.  Even at our strongest we’re not really that gifted at anything.  Sure we’ve got a super powerful brain, but ignore that and we’re really just sacks of meat and blood.  We’re not fast, our eyesight is awful, as is our hearing and sense of smell, we don’t have a tough skin, and we really have no inherent way to protect ourselves.  Honestly, it’s kind of surprising that we’ve made it this far with just a good brain.  But we’re not really going to talk about that today.  Instead, so that we can all feel really awful about ourselves as a species, we’re going to talk about how even as babies, we’re comparatively awful.  So here are 8 animal babies who are, in no particular order, just better than us. Continue reading

10 Things More Dangerous Than The Animals You’re Afraid Of

17006625277_19e62a760eThere seems to be a widespread misconception about the dangers of certain animals *ahem* sharks, wolves, and lions.  People villainize these animals (big bad wolf anyone) to the point where we hunt them down in fear for our own lives, when in reality they’re not that dangerous at all.  In fact, on average sharks and wolves both only kill about 10 people a year each, while lions- with the larger number- only kill about 100 people a year.  Yeah, scary.  So to try and counteract this public pandemonium about these “evil” animals, here are 10 things more dangerous than these scary guys- ignoring the real scary killers like cars (1.3 million a year) and cigarettes (6 million a year).  It’s time to get afraid of everyday things!

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Oakville Students Raise Awareness for the Environment

We find it very uplifting and encouraging to see so many young people getting involved in environmental issues. A group of students at Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School in Oakville got together after watching some documentaries and decided to do something. The documentaries in question were “Sharkwater” and it’s follow up “Revolution”, which inspired them all to get the word out about shark-finning. When a letter-writing campaign didn’t get the response they wanted, they decided to put together a viral music video, which turned out to be both informative and very catchy! These guys are some amazing young people and if you want to help out their cause, you can go to http://fin-free.com/petitions and sign the petition to ban the shark fin trade! Now, CHECK OUT their video below!

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