The Weekly Round Up: March 5-11

I’m so conflicted over this week.  Look, there were some really great stuff that happened this week, and I should be ecstatic.  The VW emissions scandal is finally coming to a close, we might have a cure for face cancer in Tasmanian devils, and- drumroll please– Shell is divesting from the oilsands!!!!!  Unfortunately, the WHO released a real terrifying report, and Scott Pruitt is an absolute moron, definitely setting up some hard times for the environment in the states.  So yeah, it’s been a week- let’s dive in! Continue reading

Morocco’s Got Some Bright Ideas About Energy


Earlier this week the King of Morocco (yeah, apparently they have a king- learn something new every day) just flipped the switch on what will be the world’s largest solar plant.  The Ouarzazate solar plant is being built just off of the Saharan desert, and will supply 580 MegaWatts (MW) of power to 1.1 million people when completed in 2018.  Also, it makes me all giddy inside.  The massive undertaking is something pretty incredible, and actually makes me hopeful for our planet- something that doesn’t happen anywhere near enough. Continue reading