November Conservation Series: Factory Farming & Land hay-1022849_640

What more harm can these factory farms do?!?! With the millions upon millions of food animals existing on our planet, one thing I kept asking myself was where are they all? Being a city kid, I don’t get to see first hand just how much space is needed to rear farm animals. Does the sheer existence of these animals have negative effects just because they take up space? Short answer: Yes. Continue reading

March Conservation Series: How to Help


For the past three weeks we have taken a look at large cat conservation around the world. First, we looked at the current populations of large cats. Then we focussed on the main threats that these species face, finally, putting a focus on the key contributors to these issues. Well today we are rounding out this month’s conservation series by putting all of our attention on how we can do something to help these species. Even though these animals are found all over the world, we can still make a positive difference in making sure that they stick around for a long time. Continue reading