Happy World Photo Day! Celebrate By Checking Out These Iconic Photos!

get link Today is World Photo Day! Not only does nature provide us all of our basic necessities, but it also gives us immeasurable beauty! So for today we are celebrating by highlighting some of our favourite pieces of nature photography!

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purchase Lyrica online This image by Paul Souders is as stunning as it is terrifying! I couldn’t imagine seeing this just under the water’s surface! Continue reading

Let’s Take A Selfie! #animalsgonewild


If you hoped that selfies would die off in 2015, you were sadly mistaken. Selfies once again dominated our Instagram feeds and social media pages. In fact, it was estimated by Luster Premium White that every millennial will take 25,700 selfies in their lifetime. So maybe it’s time that we need a wake-up call- enter Silvio Medeiros. He set out to create a photography series of what the world would look like if animals took part in our selfie-obsession! The results are not only hilarious, but thought-provoking. Continue reading

Featured Contributor Vincent Luk: The James Bay Shorebird Project


Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to go up north to the Hudson Bay lowlands for the Western James Bay Shorebird Project. Three weeks in a remote location on Moose Cree First Nation land to work on a multi-agency collaborative monitoring and research project towards the conservation of shorebird species. It was an incredible adventure that brought me into the heart of the Canadian wilderness, and taught me so much about birds and field work. As a photographer and visual storyteller, my assignment was to document what I saw and share the amazing work that’s being done up there. Continue reading

October Photo Contest Winners and Runners Up

We’ve completed our October photo contest (as you might have noticed considering our banner has changed) and chosen our two winners.  The winning photo for our new banner was submitted by Luana Manzano:  

And the winning photo for our thumbnail across our social media sites was submitted by Kate Powell:


A big thanks goes out to everyone who submitted photos.  We go tons of incredible photos, and it was difficult to choose the two winners.  With that in mind, here are the runners up photos that almost made it: Continue reading