The Weekly Round Up: April 10- May 6

What?!?!?!?  A new Weekly Round Up?  But we haven’t had one of these in weeks???  After dropping the ball for a few weeks, it’s back baby, in all its glory.  I’ve scoured the internet and grabbed for you a group of environmental news stories that I think you’ll enjoy.  I’m talking fish eyeball parasites, CRISPR-HIV research, and a pretty damn cool cuttlefish battle.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: November 30- December 5


This week, as everyone knows, the climate change summit is taking place in Paris, and while it’s super important, we’re not going to talk about it here.  There are a lot of protests going on, as you’ve probably all seen (large groups, ads, shows), where people are talking about what’s happening at the summit, and because of that, we want to talk about other things- things you may have missed.  So while the world was looking at our leaders in Paris, we’re talking quilting, salamanders, hybrids, and breast feeding cats…. yep. Continue reading