8 Weird Animal Body Part Names

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There’s lots of weird shit out there.  We’ve got moles with star shaped noses, tapirs with mini trunks, and anteaters with tongues the length of my arm.  Unfortunately, the weirdness doesn’t stop there.  No, things can’t just look odd, we’ve got to give them weird names as well.  So, for you today, I’ve found 8 of the weirdest animal body part names out there.  Enjoy! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: February 8-13


Honestly, I’m pretty excited to share with you all the Weekly Round Up for this week- cause it’s just fun.  I mean, it was a bit heavy on the research side, but that in no way detracts from how bananas (B, A N, A N, A S) this week was.  Horse people have a stronger bond with their horses than we might have expected (…not bestiality…), orangutans are playing video games, and Indian city monkeys are better than those jungle monkeys.  Oh, also, the apes and monkeys might finally be rising up.  Enjoy! Continue reading

15 Fun Animal Facts

Old lion

I spent longer than I care to admit yesterday creating a video to go along with yesterday’s article, so today we’re taking it a bit easier.  Sure there are important things going on in the world, and I could be writing about them, but honestly, today I’d rather share with you some cool facts about animals that you may not know.  So in no particular order, here are some crazy things about animals, enjoy! Continue reading