The Weekly Round Up: April 10- May 6

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order Lyrica online What?!?!?!?  A new Weekly Round Up?  But we haven’t had one of these in weeks???  After dropping the ball for a few weeks, it’s back baby, in all its glory.  I’ve scoured the internet and grabbed for you a group of environmental news stories that I think you’ll enjoy.  I’m talking fish eyeball parasites, CRISPR-HIV research, and a pretty damn cool cuttlefish battle.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Most Magical Thing Happened, And People Don’t Care Enough

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follow url Photo: The Toronto Zoo

Something pretty momentous occurred at the Toronto Zoo yesterday, and people don’t really seem to be fully understanding the gravity of.  In case you’re completely out of the loop, I’m talking about the fact that the Giant Pandas currently on loan at the Toronto Zoo gave birth to twins.  Sure we’re excited to see some cute little babies, and it’s the first time pandas have been born in Canada, but this birth is so much more exciting than that.  Pandas successfully getting pregnant and giving birth in captivity is like a solar eclipse- it’s something pretty damn special.  You see getting pandas to mate is hard… er, difficult… and this success is something for the books. Continue reading

Twerking Is Scientifically Attractive, And You’ll Never Guess Why

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Twerking has recently swept the world, from Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, to Miley Cyus at the VMAs and viral videos made by Jimmy Kimmel, we love all a good twerk.  What you might be surprised to learn, however, is that there is actually some science behind why we love twerking so much.  The geniuses behind this new dance- yes geniuses- have tapped into our primitive emotions to create a success.  You see twerking is all about the lordosis behaviour. Continue reading