Top 13 Animal Myths

see url 640px-Lemming_(4612944852) Facts about animals are something people love to share.  Be it because of our love for animals, our fascination with the unknown, or because we like to seem smart to our friends, people love to talk about what animals can do.  Unfortunately, a lot of our favourite facts out there are completely wrong.  So to do you all a favour (think about how smart you’ll seem around your friends now), we’ve dug up the truth behind 13 of the most popular animal myths.  We’ve even done a video for you! Continue reading

15 Fun Animal Facts

Old lion

I spent longer than I care to admit yesterday creating a video to go along with yesterday’s article, so today we’re taking it a bit easier.  Sure there are important things going on in the world, and I could be writing about them, but honestly, today I’d rather share with you some cool facts about animals that you may not know.  So in no particular order, here are some crazy things about animals, enjoy! Continue reading