The Subreddit You Need To Check Out Today So, today I’m switching things up a little bit.  Instead of giving you guys an article, I’m instead sharing with you all a PSA.  You see, on this wonderful thing we call the internet, there are many different websites.  What you are on right now, is just one of these things we call websites.  Now, these websites can be very different, and vary in what they house.  They could be for connecting people, selling things, sharing information, or really anything.  Take the Space Jam website, as an example.  That’s a website about the 1996 WB movie: Space Jam.  It’s also a website illustrating how far we’ve come since 1996 when it comes to web design and user interface, but that’s neither here nor there.  Today I want to share with you a subsection of the website  The subsections, or subreddits as they are known, are each devoted to something different- and one of them is all kinds of awesome, and something you all be on.  That subreddit is:, and it’s all about sharing awesome clips of nature- and it’s so God damn awesome, it almost hurts (the clip above is the top rated post in the subreddit).  So instead of hanging out on our website today, do yourself a favour and check out It’s seriously worth your time!

Did Trees Make The Internet Before The Internet Was A Thing? forest-483207_960_720

buy accutane for acne I’m not a tree person. Let me rephrase, I really like trees, but I just don’t know much about them. As part of my job I had to guide tours through a local forest, and learning about the trees in the area was insanely interesting! I had no idea how well adapted trees were to their surroundings and how much they can change their environment! 

I often wonder how scientists find their passions, and Suzanne Simard has one of the most unique stories out there. While rescuing her family dog from the bottom of a out house pit (EWW!) she saw for the first time the network of tree roots and fungal filaments hiding underneath the ground. She became fascinated by this “mystery world” and devoted her career to understanding it. Fighting against logging companies and funding agencies, she was able execute her experiments and found something startling…trees TALK! It goes so much further than just basic convos though, but I’d rather Suzanne tell you instead of me… Continue reading