Why Do Flamingos Stand On One Leg?


http://lakesidepizzeriawi.com/menu-card/mama-zappas-margarita/ Along with finding solutions for the global hunger and water crises, climate change, and global financial inequity, researchers are hard at work finding out why flamingos only stand on one leg! This age-old question has been perplexing humans, and now we may be one step closer to solving this dumbfounding mystery. A team of researchers from Atlanta, Georgia claim that the one-legged balancing act is used to conserve energy. The famous flamingo pose is a passive stance which requires no active muscular energy, which means they use less energy.  Continue reading

Flamingos Have Friends Too?

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In the department of incredible news, we have Paul Rose and his flamingos.  Have you ever asked if flamingos have friends?  Cause Paul has.  A PhD student at the University of Exeter, UK, Paul is interested in animal welfare and husbandry, specifically making the lives of flamingos in captivity better.  Paul Rose has already found that flamingos can become friends, but he doesn’t know if this is just families sticking together, or true bffls.  With your help, he now hopes to find out the genetics behind flamingo friendships. Continue reading