The Weekly Round Up: June 25- July 1

see Happy Canada Day!  I know you’re all excited to celebrate the big 150 (unless you understand that the Indigenous people who have been using this land long before Europeans showed up are still being disenfranchised and ignored- so maybe you’re excited to protest it), but either way, before all of that gets underway, some news.  Here are all of the environmental news stories that caught our attention this week- let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: February 22-27

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Full disclosure: this week I’m really just talking about some of the more absurd stuff that happened this week.  Why?  Well, because this week seemed to have more absurdity than most.  And while, yes, there was serious news that happened this week… probably… I’d rather talk about pampered corgis, ridiculous service animals, and undercover robots.  Because honestly, when the opportunity arises, who doesn’t want to talk about robots and corgis?  Exactly, so let’s dive in. Continue reading