Plastic Microfibres Are The New Microbeads!

go to site Microbeads were so 2016! Remember, them? We all read those articles about how plastic microbeads in our toiletries were making their way into lakes, rivers, and oceans and being consumed by animals! Now I just rub my face two times a week with my cat’s litter; super sustainable! But there’s a new plastic villain on the scene, and if you’re not careful, it could be right on top of you! They’re called plastic microfibres and they exist in a lot of our clothing!  Continue reading

May Conservation Series: We Can’t All Be Nudists!!

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We can’t all be nudists! Walk through the changing rooms of any YMCA and you will see why we can’t all be nudists. Sadly, forcing the global population to strip down was the most straight-forward idea, that I could come up with, to stop the unsustainable fashion industry.
But, that’s not a realistic goal. The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar business that provides cheap products as well as employment to impoverished communities around the world. Continue reading

May Conservation Series: Garment Workers

garment workersOften times when the environment is not protected, neither are humans. As good environmentalists it is important for us to not only find who causes these issues, but also who is most affected by them. In the fashion industry, human’s rights are leveraged as much as environmental rights to create the inexpensive clothing we all consume. This week, we will focus on the issues involving human rights in the manufacturing of garments and textiles.  Continue reading

May Conservation Series: How Much is too Much Clothing?


Last week we took a look at the potential effects of chemicals used in textile manufacturing on the environment. However, there is a larger problem when it comes to fashion and the environment- and that is waste! In our society of overconsumption, we are simply producing too much fashion waste for the textile industry to become sustainable, and it’s starting to take its toll. Continue reading