The Weekly Round Up: June 25- July 1

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click here Happy Canada Day!  I know you’re all excited to celebrate the big 150 (unless you understand that the Indigenous people who have been using this land long before Europeans showed up are still being disenfranchised and ignored- so maybe you’re excited to protest it), but either way, before all of that gets underway, some news.  Here are all of the environmental news stories that caught our attention this week- let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: October 30- November 5


Welcome back to this week’s Round Up.  I hope you all had a lovely week, and are ready to catch up on all of this week’s environmental news.  I might be writing this a little last minute (and there’s tons of news to go over), so get ready for a rapid fire update this week.  We had solar roof panels, idiots on the internet, and the haka.  So without further ado, here are the articles that turned our heads this week. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: June 26- July 2


Good afternoon everyone, hope you’re all doing well after your Canada Day festivities.  I’m glad you and your (maybe?) hangover have joined us today.  Hopefully your not too tired, but I’m glad you’re here.  A bunch of stuff happened this week, from endangered animal loopholes and North American partnerships, to smaller Antarctic ozone holes and nightmarish amphibious centipedes.  So let’s just dive right now! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: November 23-28

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Just like the grass on the other side, this week was greener…  does that make sense?  I mean, last week was research heavy, and then this week is on the other side of that week.  Okay, so the weekend is a fence, and the weeks are lawns…  What I’m trying to say is this week was mostly environmentally conscious.  Rwanda’s going solar, Alberta’s fighting carbon, oh and Nelly was not the prophet we asked for, but the prophet we needed.  It’s the Weekly Round Up! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: April 27-May 1

Here is this week’s round up of all the coolest environmental and nature news around the world, along with some serious stuff too.


The death toll in the 7.9 magnitude in Nepal climbs to 6,200 people. The earthquake caused avalanches on Mt. Everest and toppled historical and contemporary buildings. Governments and organizations are delivering goods to the people of Nepal. To give donations, please check out the links below: Continue reading