The Weekly Round Up: June 4-10

buy Lyrica 150 mg Hi again.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but now that I’ve got internet, I’m back here on a Saturday to bother you with all of the environmental news I found interesting this week.  There was a lot that went on this week, what with it being World Environment Day on Monday, Canadian Environment Week, and World Oceans Day on Thursday.  Outside of all of that, there were ancient birds, Macron trolling Trump, and whales in NYC.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: March 19-25

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Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  This week was actually a pretty good week.  Sure, Trump issued a permit for the Keystone XL, coral reefs are in the shitter essentially globally, and Shell’s doing some real shady shit in Nigeria- but, scientists have reversed some of the signs of ageing in mice, plants can learn from environmental cues, and the dinosaur family tree might get a complete face-lift. So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: January 1-7

Welcome to 2017’s first Weekly Round Up (yaaaaaaaaaaaay!).  Similarly to the Round Ups in 2016, we’re going to be bringing you all of the past week’s environmental news that turned our heads.  AKA, we’re keeping the exact same format as last year- woohoo new year, new you!  Anyways, this week there was some dire news about our oceans, walruses playing with seabirds, and awful air in London.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: December 25-31

Happy New Years Eve!  It’s the end of 2016, and oddly enough we’re ending on a Round Up.  What I could do in this situation, if forethought was a strong suit of mine, is do a 2016 Round Up for you all.  Unfortunately, that is not a skill I have (plus, the internet is already chock full of 2016 lists, and I don’t want to talk about Harambe ever again).  So instead, here’s what happened this week.  We’ve got China banning the ivory trade, a happy elephant, and catty bats.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: November 20-26


Miss us yesterday???  We’ve been super busy here at Earth|Unfiltered, so some things may have fallen through the cracks.  But fear not, we are back today, with all of this week’s environmental news that turned our heads- or really just my head, because I’m the one writing this… I HAVE ALL THE POWER!  Anyways, this week there were light tasting animals, helpful Arctic poop, a dubious smog tower, and the end of neonics in Canada?!?!?  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: October 23-29


Okay okay, so maybe we missed putting up an article yesterday, but there was nothing we could do.  I was working all day, and then had to watch Brian hit on straight men for an hour and a half.  So, you know, super busy.  Not to fear though, we’re back today with a new article.  We’ve got a week’s worth of news for you all today, so get ready.  This week had tree planting, clear cutting, and ancient life.  There’s a lot to go over, so let’s dive in. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: July 17-23


It’s Saturday, so you know what time of the week it is again!  It’s time to sit back, relax, grab a cup of Joe, or tea, or what have you- I don’t know what you people are all drinking these days- and catch up on the environmental stories of the week.  We’ve got bonobo research, Bill Nye vs Creationism, and farming ants, to mention a few.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

Featured Contributor Adam Morgan: Many Dead As Catastrophic Floods Sweep Across China

Students use their chairs to cross flood waters to safety. Source: Getty Images/The Guardian

Students use their chairs to cross flood waters to safety.
Source: Getty Images/The Guardian

As each year passes, I constantly find myself watching the news, reading the newspaper, scrolling through Facebook only to find that another environmental disaster is being reported somewhere in the world. From the permanent flooding of towns in the UK, to the wildfires in Fort McMurray, it’s clear that humanity’s relationship with the environment is decaying rapidly. If there’s anywhere in the world where the environment is on the brink of irreversible catastrophe due to ineffective environmental policy, it has to be China. Undermined by global capitalism, China’s environmental policy is more or less non-existent.

Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: June 26- July 2


Good afternoon everyone, hope you’re all doing well after your Canada Day festivities.  I’m glad you and your (maybe?) hangover have joined us today.  Hopefully your not too tired, but I’m glad you’re here.  A bunch of stuff happened this week, from endangered animal loopholes and North American partnerships, to smaller Antarctic ozone holes and nightmarish amphibious centipedes.  So let’s just dive right now! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: June 5-11


Do you live in the GTA?  Are you on your computer right now?  Well then get off, because there’s a huge BioBlitz going on in the Credit River Watershed that you should probably go to (like right now!).  For everyone else, welcome, it’s good to have you.  We’ve got tons of news for you, all the news you could want!  We’ve got pollution, and some new research, and some even more pollution! Hurray!  Too much pollution if you ask me.  That being said, let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 8-14



We’re back with your Weekly Round Up, and boy do we have a bunch of stories that somehow flew under the radar this week.  An oil spill off the coast of Louisiana, the shocking decline of American bee populations over the winter, and an eukaryotic cell that shouldn’t be able to exists, to name a few.  There’s tons of stuff that happened this week, so get comfortable, and let’s dive right in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 2-7


The new Captain America movie came out yesterday, and it’s pretty damn awesome, so let’s be honest:you’re not sitting at home right now, you’re lined up for some stellar seats at the theater.  Fortunately, that’s where we come in.  Obviously you’ll need something to do while waiting, and we’ve got that something.  So catch up on all of this week’s environmental news before you catch up on what might just be the biggest flick of the summer.  We’ve got wobbegongs, cactus biomimicry, and rabid hedgehogs- aka something for everyone.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: April 11-16


Welcome back to another edition of the Weekly Round Up.  This week we’re doing something a little different.  There were tons of environmental news stirues that popped up this week, so instead of going crazy in depth in all of them, we’re instead going to be a hub for the week’s best, most interesting, news.  You’ll get a quick overview of each, and then can jump to full articles of what interests you the most.  This week we’ve got good news for bees, man-made islands, animal cruelty, and a shrinking Greenland.  Let’s dive in. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: February 29-March 5

(cc) Photo by DonkeyHotey

(cc) Photo by DonkeyHotey

Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  This week we’ve got a myriad of things, from new animal cruelty laws in Boston, to horrible “animal” games in China, and new beetle research.  What’s really exciting though, is the beetle research, because I think it’s got some pretty interesting human world applications.  To give you a hint at what I mean, I think it could really help Trump and the other Republican presidential candidates, release some of that pent up anger, and really blow off some steam.  Anyways, let’s dive right in. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: December 28- January 2


We might have missed last week, but we’re back this week in full force!  Lots of stuff went on this week, and chances are you might have heard of a few of them.  I’m talking about natural gas leaks, new sharks, and giant squids.  But don’t worry, there’s also some pure-ly awesome bison news and a crazy hungry Chinese zookeeper, both of which may be news to you.  So here’s what happened this week while the Earth grew a year older. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: November 16-21


Full disclosure, this week is a more science oriented one.  Why?  Because I said so.  Also, that’s just the way it turned out.  I could talk about how Kikkoman, a soy sauce company, was both accused of, and stopped, animal testing this week, or about the top ten most virile animals- as apparently this was news this week.  But instead I’m going in a more serious direction, mainly because I find those stories more interesting.  Lots of really cool research type stuff came out this week- like internal animal compasses, genetic modification, and how bats land- and frankly I would rather put that in the spotlight, than some of the other stuff.  It’s just really interesting!  Don’t worry though, I’ll end it on a cat cucumber story, because it’s pretty hilarious.  I’m not made of stone! Continue reading