One Ape’s Island Is Another Ape’s Prison


What would you bring if you were left on a deserted island? Many of us have asked each other that question at parties as an ice-breaker. If you’re a clever enough person, you say “a boat”. No matter how many times I have been asked that question, I have never once imagined being in that particular situation in my lifetime. It’s frankly, absurd. I simply cannot conceive of a series of situations and decisions that would land me, a man from Toronto, on an island by myself with nothing to survive with. Unfortunately there are over sixty chimpanzees in Liberia who have been living through that experience for the past 10 years. Continue reading

Mothers of Nature: Jane Goodall


There are a long list of women who have inspired me, and Jane Goodall is at the top of that list! Born in London, England in 1934, Jane Goodall has created a legacy of becoming the world’s leading expert on chimpanzees. Her most famous piece of work was her 55 year long research project on the behaviour and family dynamics of chimpanzees, in the Gombe Stream National Park. Jane Goodall has transcended the role of researcher and has gained notoriety as an anthropologist, ethologist, activist, and public speaker. Admired by millions of fellow nature lovers, we will dive into the life and career of one of the best known names in environmentalism. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: September 14-19

It’s Saturday and there’s a Weekly Roundup?  Yep, that’s right, we’re changing things around a bit.  We’re now rounding up the week on Saturday- exciting right… no not really… alright then.  Well, anyways, what should actually be exciting is that some pretty cool stuff happened this week.  Radioactive fish, musically inclined animals, movie watching apes- this week was fun.  So lets just dive right in. Continue reading