The Weekly Round Up: February 15-20 national-animal-559593_960_720

go site How are stick insects, Fiji, pandas, and Jiff the Pomeranian all connected?  Obviously because I’m going to talk about all of them in this week’s Weekly Round Up!  I don’t even want to give any more of an explanation than that- I feel like Jiff the Pomeranian should be enticing enough on its own.  I mean who is this Jiff, and what did he do?  So settle in, because I’m about to explain everything to you. Continue reading

5 Times Divas were Beaten by Animals

There’s a general feeling among humans that we’re far better than our animal counterparts.  This isn’t necessarily always the case though.  Sometimes, animals are just better than us.  Here are five times they beat us:

 1. Honey Bees vs. Shakira


When it comes down to truthfulness of hips, honey bees have Shakira beaten.  When a bee finds a new field of flowers, she must then pass on its location to her hive mates.  To do this she performs something called a waggle dance, where she shakes her abdomen and dances in a figure eight. Other bees then watch her movement and hip shakes, and learn where they need to go to find the new flowers.  In this way a bee’s hips literally don’t lie, sorry Shakira. Continue reading

10 Animals Named After Celebrities

When biologists discover new species in the world, it is up to them to decide what to name them. Inspiration comes from all places, even celebrities! Here are a list of species named after prominent celebrities!

1 )Cirolana mercuryi, Freddie Mercury


This crustacean was named after the very talented singer after it was found off of the coast of Zanzibar. The researcher named the creature after, arguably, the most famous person to come from Zanzibar. I can’t think of a bigger honour. Continue reading