Cool Shit From The Scientific Community

go to link Well guys, it’s been a while.  We’ve missed some days, and been busy- really dropped the ball on our end- but I’m here to make it all up to you.  I’ve found three really cool recent stories out of the science community, and I’m going to share them with you today.  These are all stories that came out in the last week or so, that you need to hear about!  I’ve got some really cool star-nosed mole facts, some glowing mushroom research, and the god damn coolest looking research ship you ever did see. Continue reading

Have We Already Found Aliens?

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In case you didn’t hear, SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) announced yesterday that they might have found something.  Since May 2015, the researchers have been investigating an interesting ping from a  star 94 million light-years away.  Now, obviously this is interesting and strong enough to merit some investigation, but don’t start celebrating/fearing the arrival of aliens just yet.  The SETI institute themselves are pretty skeptical, saying “The chance that this is truly a signal from extraterrestrials is not terribly promising.  Fortunately, here on earth we’ve essentially already found aliens.  Deep in our oceans live things only comparable to things that exist in science fiction movies.  True, extraterrestrials are probably out there somewhere, but we might already have aliens hiding deep in our oceans.  Don’t believe me?  Well check out this Ted Talk, where you might just be persuaded, by someone far smarter than me, that our oceans might just hold the incredible aliens we’ve all been watching in movies for years.