The Weekly Round Up: June 11-17

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buy provigil paypal Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  I hope you had a good week.  Things are finally starting to get back to normal here at Earth|Unfiltered, after my shitty month of no internet, but unfortunately it’s anything but business as usual in the rest of the world- or at least anytime Trump and his government comes near any environmental issues.  This week we had lots of talk about the Paris Agreement, turkey vomit, and giant Australian turekys.  So without further ado, let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: June 4-10

Hi again.  It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but now that I’ve got internet, I’m back here on a Saturday to bother you with all of the environmental news I found interesting this week.  There was a lot that went on this week, what with it being World Environment Day on Monday, Canadian Environment Week, and World Oceans Day on Thursday.  Outside of all of that, there were ancient birds, Macron trolling Trump, and whales in NYC.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: April 9-15

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Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  I don’t really have much to say this week as an introduction.  I wish the worst thing happening right now would be the fact that the Blue Jays have gone 1 and 9 to start the season.  Unfortunately, it seems like the whole world has gone insane.  I’m going to try and keep doing my thing though, so here’s you’re weekly dose of environmental news.  This week we had spiders, the beginning of life on earth, and spiders.  Seriously, there was more spider news than usual this week.  So let’s dive in. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: February 19-25

Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  If this is your first time here, it’s nice to meet you!  Grab a seat, get comfortable, settle in- cause it’s been an interesting week.  We’ve got some shitty stuff- like more microplastics in our oceans than imaginable and an end to the on ground protests against the DAPL- but also some really great stuff- like California moving to save the environment from Trump and some bee research that is seriously cool.  Honestly, the bee research is real fascinating.  So without further ado, let’s dive in! Continue reading

Breaching Whales Are Actually “Yelling” Whales

HELLO EVERYONE, HOW ARE YOU TODAY?  GOOD?  YEAH?  COOL!  Have I got something cool to tell you today.  Research out of the University of Queensland in Australia has answered the age old question:  Why do whales jump out of the water?  It’s not to majestically get air, or to show off in a mating display.  Nope, instead it’s to “yell” at other whales.  How great is that??? Continue reading

The UK Unveils Their Plans For The World Solar Challenge

Solar Team Great Britain

Every two years the World Solar Challenge takes place in Australia stretching 3000 km from Darwin to Adelaide. Teams from across the world build imaginative and innovative solar vehicles that brave the harsh conditions! The rules are simple, you can only use 6 squared meters of solar panels, 4 wheels, and 5kW of stored energy! That means that all other energy must come from the sun or from the kinetic energy of the vehicle! The next World Solar Challenge is happening in October 2017, but a team from the UK has already unveiled its plan to squash the competition! Continue reading

Ho-Ho-Holy Shit! Woman Finds Deadly Snake In Her Xmas Tree!


A woman in Australia (of course this happened in freakin’ Australia) got an early Christmas surprise when she noticed a snake in her Christmas tree! Rather than losing her goddamn shit, like any other person, she instead snapped a photo of the snake and sent it to Barry Goldsmith (a.k.a. Snake Catcher). Barry identified the snake as a tiger snake, and went to her Melbourne house to retrieve the 3-foot long serpent! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: November 13-19


Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up, where we’ve decided to adopt the new headlines format (Yaaaaay!).  You’ve all spoken over the last few weeks, so it’s been decided that sharing the headlines of the articles that caught our attention over the week, is the best way to go.  This week had a lot of stuff.  Unfortunately, it’s mostly just people complaining about what a Trump presidency will mean for the environment (it’s bad) and how he’s going to put the worst people in charge of running environmental policies (not a surprise at all).  So we’re not including any of that.  We’ve talked about it before, the internet won’t stop talking about it now, and we would just be shouting into the void.  So instead, here’s the rest of the news that turned our heads this week.  Let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: November 6-12


Good morning everybody.  How’s it going?  I hope all is well, and that you are still sane after this crazy week.  I don’t know about you guys, but this week absolutely felt like a week.  Yep, there were definitely seven whole days in this one.  All that being said, I’m doing this fairly last minute again… sorry.  So once again, here are the headlines that turned our heads here at Earth|Unfiltered.  There were giant mystery snowballs, squirrel leprosy, and Cecil the Lion.  Let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: July 31- August 6

It’s that time of week again- it’s time for the Weekly Round Up!  Summer’s just hurtling by as we have our first August Round Up (it seriously still feels like summer’s just started).  We’ve got a bunch of news coming your way, so settle in with your cup of Joe, or tea, or oj, or whatever it is you enjoy to drink on a Saturday, no judgement here.  We’ve got happy volcanoes, snow in New Zealand, and superhero whales.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

Will 2,500 Scientists Be Ignored In Australia? 5 Times Famous Scientists Were Ignored

coral-1332173_960_720 (1)

It’s been a pretty interesting two months for coral reef.  Ever since we started our Conservation Series on coral back in May, it just seems like bad news after bad news has come out about the most well known section of coral reef in the world- the Great Barrier Reef.  Turns out this Australian landmark is essentially dead or dying.  It’s gotten to the point where most of the religious heads in the country have all called for something to be done about the deteriorating environment.  Adding to this list now, 2,500 marine scientists have called for the Australian government to start protecting the reef, by ceasing their endorsement of the export of coal, along with turning down their recent approvals for more mines.  Good news right???  Maybe not, turns out there’s a bit of a tendency for ignoring scientists on the regular.  So here are 5 times famous scientists that had their correct ideas ignored. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 22-28


Well, the Raptors lost yesterday.  So, while you’re lament the end of an incredible season, why not catch up on all of this week’s environmental news?  I promise it’s more uplifting than last week… but then again just about everything is more uplifting than last week.  We’re talking coral reefs, new snakes, and green energy.  Let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 15-21


Well guys, I’m going to be upfront and truthful with you, this week wasn’t too great.  There was quite a bit of doom and gloom going around, and not just because DOOM has been out for a little more than a week (which is apparently quite good, so… silver lining?).  Seriously, there was some pretty big, bad news this week.  Fortunately, there was also some good stuff- key word being some– so let’s hold hands, and get through this together. Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: May 2-7


The new Captain America movie came out yesterday, and it’s pretty damn awesome, so let’s be honest:you’re not sitting at home right now, you’re lined up for some stellar seats at the theater.  Fortunately, that’s where we come in.  Obviously you’ll need something to do while waiting, and we’ve got that something.  So catch up on all of this week’s environmental news before you catch up on what might just be the biggest flick of the summer.  We’ve got wobbegongs, cactus biomimicry, and rabid hedgehogs- aka something for everyone.  So let’s dive in! Continue reading

The Weekly Round Up: March 7-12


I’m pretty excited to share this week’s Round Up with you all, as it’s all pretty funny.  Some ridiculous things went down this week, and honestly I’d be surprised if you didn’t believe one or two of them.  None the less, I promise you that we live in a wacky enough world for these things to really happen.  Today I’m talking about ugly animals, healthy elephants, and Brian.  I know you’re interested now- I mean what’s funny about healthy elephants?- so let’s get to it. Continue reading

Let’s Talk About: Thorny Devils


I don’t know if you’ve every heard of, or seen, a thorny devil before, but after today you’ll wish you had.  These guys are crazy- they’re pretty much how, as a kid, you pictured dinosaurs.  Covered in sharp spikes and tough skin, these guys look pretty fierce, and they’re from Australia, so you know they’re not to be messed with.  Really though, I almost solely want to talk about them because of their other name: the Moloch (unrelated to The Watchmen villain, sorry).  Never heard of the Canaanite god Moloch?  Well let me turn you towards Paradise Lost‘s description of him, ahem: a “horrid king besmeared with blood of human sacrifice”.  Yeah… let’s talk about the thorny devil. Continue reading