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can you buy modafinil in australia Earth Unfiltered is a platform that supplies unabashed and unfiltered information on wildlife and the environment to the masses. Our belief is that no matter your age or education, everyone possesses a passion and connection with nature, and our goal is to promote and encourage that passion. We also believe in not taking ourselves too seriously and hope that everyone that visits our site has as much fun on it as we do making it. Now as a thanks for reading this blurb about us, here is a video of a chimpanzee picking its nose: http://youtu.be/eKNaJIA4Ycg …science!!!

Who are we:

buy provigil online with mastercard Brian MillwardBrian About Us

Brian Millward is a graduate from the University of Guelph’s Zoology program. He also graduated from Fleming College’s Applied and Community-Based Research program. He has explored Nepal and Ecuador and plans to travel to even more places in search of exciting animals and beautiful landscapes! He hopes to get environmental research and news into the mainstream!


go Thomas McAuley-BiasiThomas McAuley-Biasi

Thomas McAuley-Biasi is a graduate with a degree in Zoology from the University of Guelph.  He has previously written articles for asknature.org focusing on amazing ways animals are able to thrive and survive, and how we can learn from them.  He has also done his fair share of travelling, having visited Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Scotland, and Ireland.  Thomas is also the chair of Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity, a young professional’s biodiversity network.  Through Earth|Unfiltered he hopes to get people excited about the natural world and all its wonders.

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