The World Says “No Big Deal” To Trump’s Exit From The Paris Agreement


watch My regularly scheduled Wendy Williams Show watching was interrupted for a “Breaking News” bulletin where President Donald Trump exited from his sunless tanner bath to announce that the USA would be leaving the Paris Climate Agreement. While many politicians, CEO’s, and others voiced their displeasure with the announcement, it appears that days afterwards this really isn’t that big of a deal.

click here For instance, so much of Trump’s speech was complete rubbish, most importantly the fact that the USA didn’t have to leave the agreement. To paraphrase Trump’s speech, his main reasons for leaving the Paris agreement is because the “deal” is unfair for the USA, forcing them to contribute more than other countries, and being subjected to legal ramifications if they don’t attain their goals. The funny thing is that the Paris agreement is not legally-binding. Like at all. It’s meant to provide transparent greenhouse emissions goals and to be accountable to the general public. 

Also, the Trumpster said that he is willing to renegotiate the Paris agreement or create a new agreement. The funny thing is that each country created their own “nationally determined contributions” or NDC’s, which can be changed by a country whenever they want. So if Trump really wanted to renegotiate the agreement, he could just change the NDC…but I feel like that requires a lot more work than just yelling “I’m outskees! Bye bitches!”

Whether he likes it or not, the majority of humanity understands that climate change is a real issue caused by human actions. The EU has been leading the charge in implementing large-scale renewable energy infrastructure and the world is taking note. While China and India are expecting emission peaks in the near future because of current coal-power plants, they are enacting more aggressive environmental legislation that put a larger reliance on renewable energy sources. 

Just because Trump isn’t a fan of the Paris Agreement doesn’t mean that the rest of America is throwing in the towel on climate change. Huge companies like Apple, Walmart, and Google have all committed to being 100% reliant on renewable energy sources in the next few years. A list of US states and cities have vowed to uphold the Paris agreement in defiance of President Trump. 

The most heartening aspect of this story, is that regardless of Trump’s views, the world is poised for a renewable revolution! With the advancement of better technology, solar and wind power is not only becoming more reliable, but also cheaper than conventional energy sources. Also public opinion is also switching to a renewable future. With so many instances of extreme weather events, people are seeing first-hand the effects of climate change on human life. On top of that, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who does not want to have a future of clean air and water. 

Right now Trump is literally the kid on the playground who is still trying to become a Pokemon Go master by himself while the rest of us are playing with fidget spinners. He’s cripplingly behind with the times, but fortunately it is clear that his opinion can not stop the rest of America from reducing their carbon footprint. 

Maybe in some crazy-backwards-Tomorrowland twist, Trump’s stupidity could actually mobilize municipal governments, state governments, and private businesses to achieve more aggressive emission goals. 

Now more than ever, the public will be closely watching everyone’s next move.