Vindication! Stealing Hotel Soap Is Great For The Environment!

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click So often my actions are plagued with an ethical dilemma about how detrimental they are to the environment! Finally one of my favourite things to do not only makes me feel good, but is also good for the environment! Every time I go to a hotel, I pretend like I’m a celebrity at a boutique where everything is free! I take it all, and I love it! Little did I know that leaving these toiletries in the hotel room is actually harmful to the environment. When you go to a hotel room and use any of the little toiletries (shampoo, conditioner) and then leave the bottle in the bathroom, it just gets thrown out! All of those half-used bottles just end up collecting in landfills! I had no idea just how much waste these tiny bottles create. Clean the World, a U.S. organization that recycles hotel toiletries, just selected Toronto-based Turtle Island Recycling as their Canadian partner to handle hotel waste. They’re helping the Canadian organization to recycle 5,000 lbs of hotel toiletries every month! While that is impressive, it barely puts a dent into the 50,000 lbs of hotel soaps that are thrown out after use!

The one thing I never though about was the bar of soap that we all open and put near the sink! The gets thrown out too! So I have concocted a new plan that we all must adopt to be greener hotel visitors.

  1. Steal all of the toiletries!
  2. Make a cute basket of toiletries in your bathroom to use!
  3. After you finish a bottle, recycle the bottle!
  4. Take all of those little bars of soap and melt them down with your favourite essential oils to create your own super luxurious soap!
  5. Enjoy the fact that not only are you a super stealthy toiletry thief, but that you are also a bad-ass Earth protector!

After all of this conservation work you are doing, feel free to also grab a towel or robe! You deserve it!