Hot Tip: Don’t Feed Sea Lions! A college student captured a hilariously terrifying and stupid moment at a harbour in Canada, which has since gone viral. Michael Fujiwara took his camera out in time to tape a little girl being grabbed by a sea lion and pulled into the water. You also see the girl’s grandfather jump in the water after her, to get her out of the water. You see both of them appear to leave the area unhurt. This means that not only can we laugh at the ridiculousness of the events, but also use it as a cautionary tale to whomever else thinks it’s smart to feed wild animals.

After the video went viral the moment of entry is what has been turned into a slew of memes and gifs. However there is a lot of action before and after the main event that speaks more to the story. Right from the get go of the video you can hear people taunting the sea lion as though you were beckoning a dog. 

Then you can see the sea lion eating bread that has been thrown in to the water. 

Like something out of the Twilight Zone, you see a man then reaching out his hand towards the sea lion! What in the hell?!? Have you not gone on YouTube and seen animal attack videos? That is a full grown sea lion you are trying to touch!

The part that really points out the stupidity of humanity is the little girl goes to the edge of the dock and the sea lion pushes himself up out of the water. It is obvious that he is strong enough to reach the dock itself. There are a few squeals from people, but then the girl goes back to the edge of the dock and sits with her back to the sea lion!

And that’s when things took a nose-dive, literally. But all the pieces were there; verbal taunting, physical taunting, food motivation, and a very appetizing child with their back to a wild animal. 

It’s the perfect storm for an animal attack! 

During an interview with CBC, Michael said that the sea lion didn’t appear to be attacking the girl and instead was looking for more food. Most times sea lions stay clear of humans unless they have been conditioned to expect food. 

So to make sure more random people don’t get pulled in by sea lions, here’s our tips to make sure you aren’t attacked by a wild animal!

  1. Don’t get close enough to a wild animal for it to attack you!
  2. Don’t talk to it like it’s your pet because it ain’t!
  3. Don’t try to touch it because once again it is a wild animal!
  4. Don’t feed the damn animal because to it there is no difference between a piece of bread and the hand that threw it!
  5. Buy a good camera with a great zoom, that way you can see beautiful wildlife and not get your ass beat!
  6. Invest in a good pair of binoculars!