We Marched!

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http://websolutionx.com/about-web-design-company-nigeria.php It’s true. We live in a time where we need to advocate for science! Good Lord! It turns out decision-makers are still not following science-based information, and so scientists and science-enthusiasts took to the streets last Saturday to fight for science! Honestly, it’s hard to sit back and not see the ridiculousness of the situation. 

http://oceanadesigns.net/images/granite/white-lace/white-lace.jpg With the amount of misinformation that is thrown at us online, it seems that the prevalence of the science non-believers are on the rise. There are those who believe that the Earth is flat, those who believe that the vaccines cause autism, and even people who think Nelson Mandela died in prison! Probably the most cemented deniers are those who do not believe in climate change! Here’s my thing, climate change is not something you choose to believe in or not, it’s reality. It’s like me choosing to believe that it’s a sunny day even though it’s raining because it makes me feel better on the inside! It’s like saying that the Amish don’t believe in electricity, but if I tasered an Amish person (which I wouldn’t because they are a lovely group of people) they would still get shocked because electricity is a thing! Just like how climate change is a thing!

Now all of this heresy about the legitimacy of climate change has been on the fringiest of fringes in the public’s consciousness, but has now been thrust into the mainstream because of the over-sized kumquat who’s sitting in the Oval Office! In Trump’s reality, climate change is nothing but a hoax created by the Chinese government to hurt America’s economy. Unfortunately, the media doesn’t help the scientific cause. Turn on FOX, CNN, or any other cable news channel and you will see that every time a panel discusses climate change, they will have one or two supporters “face off” with a denier. I don’t know about you, but I can feel the rating rising just thinking about it! By doing this, it grossly inflates the legitimacy of the denier’s claims. The denier gets just as much time on-camera as the climate scientists who spend their lives studying changes in the GD climate! It’s absurd! That’s why I believe that since 97% of scientists agree that climate change is a real phenomena caused by human activity, that climate scientists on panel discussions should be given 97% of the air time to state their points, and then the denier should get enough time to shout out “I DISAGREE!” and then you cut to commercial! 

This blatant disregard to the scientific community and empirical research is exactly why the March for Science happened. Trust me, you have to really piss off the scientists to get them to march. We’d much rather sit during a long, boring lecture series, or create a poster about our research than actually engage with people! No offense, but people scare us.

That’s is why the demonstrations across the world over the weekend were so meaningful! Just like every other group that feels silenced by today’s world leaders, scientists need to demand that their life’s work be taken seriously. If we don’t respect and take guidance by the brightest minds in our world then who are we supposed to listen to? It is so clear now that scientists can no longer produce research and hope that it gets communicated to the masses accurately. We must become the story-tellers as much as we are the data-crunchers! We owe it to the pursuit of knowledge! 

If you participated in one of the marches or didn’t participate and want to get involved, the group behind the March for Science have daily actions that you can do to become a giant nerd like us!

Also for those of you who love some scientific shade, here’s a video of my lover Bill Nye shutting down a climate-change denier and a TV network at the same time!