The Weekly Round Up: April 9-15

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click here Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  I don’t really have much to say this week as an introduction.  I wish the worst thing happening right now would be the fact that the Blue Jays have gone 1 and 9 to start the season.  Unfortunately, it seems like the whole world has gone insane.  I’m going to try and keep doing my thing though, so here’s you’re weekly dose of environmental news.  This week we had spiders, the beginning of life on earth, and spiders.  Seriously, there was more spider news than usual this week.  So let’s dive in.

follow site Online database maps ocean pollution and its effects on animals

This new solar-powered device can pull water straight from the desert air

Fifty new species of spider discovered in far north Australia

Great Barrier Reef at “terminal stage”: scientists despair at latest coral bleaching data

Huge new spider species discovered in Mexican cave

Mimicking an impact on Earth’s early atmosphere yields all 4 RNA bases

The editors of a major scientific publication are urging readers to attend the March for Science

Mud volcanoes deliver new clue to life beneath ocean floor

Heat from the Atlantic ocean is melting Arctic sea ice further eastwards than ever before

Government “preparing to scrap EU’s green energy targets after Brexit”

And finally, Step aside sponges, jellies were the first animals on Earth, controversial study claims

That’s it for this week’s Round Up, be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions, or if we missed any major environmental news!