US Companies Challenge Trump’s Climate Change Ignorance

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buy prednisone online overnight Well, like a monkey with a piece of shit, Trump is still flinging Executive Orders around all willy-nilly.  On Tuesday, Trump signed another executive order (I think he’s going for the record) that will essentially eliminate all the good that Obama did for the environment.  The order will help to dismantle the Clean Power Plan, lift the ban on coal leases, and make it so that the US has no hope of achieving the Paris Climate Change Agreements.  Like I said, he’s just flinging shit around at this point.  Fortunately, a handful of American companies are speaking out against this terrible decision.

where can i purchase Lyrica Mars Inc, Staples, The Gap, Old Navy, and others have all come out to challenge the President.  In 2015, when the Clean Power Plan was signed by Obama, more than 300 companies supported it, so it’s no surprise that Trump is getting some backlash today.  Some companies, such as Staples, have said that they will continue to support the Clean Power Plan no matter what, but will that be enough?

Before I get into that though, I’d like to share something a White House official said about whether Trump accepts the science of man-made climate change, ahem, “Sure, yes, I guess, I think the president understands the disagreement over the policy response and you’ll see that in the order … We’re taking a different path.”  And, I’m guessing, that different path is to ignore the science, because, as we all know, climate change is a hoax, and:

But anyway, will companies on their own be able to make a big difference?  Honestly, I don’t know.  On the one hand, if large companies are careful about their emissions and their waste, then that’s definitely a step in the right direction, but without government support, how far can they really go.  If you’ve got a president who doesn’t understand that his “sealed apartment” (or maybe it’s his “concealed apartment” is still connected with the rest of the world- that he doesn’t in fact live in a vacuum when at home, although that mentality does explain quite a bit- and who doesn’t understand science, then you’ve also got hundreds of thousands of people who believe the bullshit he spouts.  This perpetuation of ignorance doesn’t help.

Then, there’s also the money aspect of all of this.  Are companies going to be able to speak on behalf of climate change with dollars and cents?  Can how they spend their money change Trump’s dismantling actions?  And once again, I don’t know.  This is a man who seemed to base his platform on spending.  Everything was about how the United States is losing money to this country, or to that country, or spending money inappropriately.  But then he creates a budget that puts money in all the wrong places, has spent (potentially) more taxpayer money on himself and his family than Obama and Biden did in 8 years, and can’t seem to go a week without getting in a few rounds at Mar-a-Lago.  So maybe, he doesn’t really know how to, or care to, manage money properly.  His government, on the other hand, has also shown that they’re very susceptible to lobbying, and the money that accompanies that.  So, honestly, who knows?

At the end of the day, I’d like to think that this is a positive.  Any time people speak out, especially when these people are owners of very large companies, is a good thing.  It might not be much forward momentum, but it is some, and hopefully, this momentum will only grow.