The Weekly Round Up: March 5-11

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buy modafinil uk online I’m so conflicted over this week.  Look, there were some really great stuff that happened this week, and I should be ecstatic.  The VW emissions scandal is finally coming to a close, we might have a cure for face cancer in Tasmanian devils, and- drumroll please– Shell is divesting from the oilsands!!!!!  Unfortunately, the WHO released a real terrifying report, and Scott Pruitt is an absolute moron, definitely setting up some hard times for the environment in the states.  So yeah, it’s been a week- let’s dive in! Trudeau: Energy and environment can get along (We’ll let you decide how you feel about this one)

Researchers use drone to pollinate a flower

The cost of a polluted environment: 1.7 million child deaths a year, says WHO

Chile to acquire 450MW solar thermal power plant

EPA head Scott Pruitt denies that carbon dioxide causes global warming

Oil giant Shell warns public faith in fossil fuel industry is “disappearing” and calls for carbon taxes

Volkswagen reportedly pleads guilty to cheating diesel emissions test in the US

Scientists discover how animals measure time of year to reproduce

Cure hope for Tasmanian devils plagued by facial tumours

WATCH: Koalas have started doing something experts didn’t expect, and it looks like climate change is the cause

Radioactive wild boars have taken over two Japanese towns

New Study examines whether dogs are feline-friendly, or not

Scientists rewrote the DNA of an entire species

Never-before-seen gatherings of hundreds of humpback whales

And finally, Shell is abandoning Canada’s oilsands

That’s it for this week’s Round Up though, be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions, or if we missed any major environmental news stories!