The Weekly Round Up: March 12-18

where to buy Deltasone online Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  A bunch of stuff happened this week- like a gutting of the EPA and the development of a new raindrop-to-energy solar panel.  So let’s just dive right in! Donald Trump proposes huge EPA budget cut to stop environment agency researching climate change

Russia’s rare snow leopards find protection in camera traps

US “forces G20 to drop any mention of climate change” in joint statement

Climate change could shrink animals, warn scientists

The EPA used to tweet about the environment. Now it just tweets about Scott Pruitt

NASA says biofuels could massively reduce jet engine particles emissions

Are ravens responsible for wolf packs?

Nature, not humans, could be cause of up to half of Arctic sea ice loss, study claims

First Nations to have greater role in parks: federal environment minister

And finally, Graphene layer lets solar panels generate energy from raindrops

That’s it for this week’s Round Up though, be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions, or if we missed any major environmental stories!