8 Weird Animal Body Part Names

There’s lots of weird shit out there.  We’ve got moles with star shaped noses, tapirs with mini trunks, and anteaters with tongues the length of my arm.  Unfortunately, the weirdness doesn’t stop there.  No, things can’t just look odd, we’ve got to give them weird names as well.  So, for you today, I’ve found 8 of the weirdest animal body part names out there.  Enjoy!

enter 8. The Schnauzenorgans of Elephantnose Fish

Elephantnose fish have this weird nose-like protrusion at the front of their face.  This is called the schnauzenorgan, and it detects electrical fields.

where can i buy prednisone for dogs 7. The Ossicones of Giraffes

You know ’em, you love.  Ossicone is the actual name for those antennae things giraffes have.

enter site 6. Dewlaps in Vertebrates

These would be skin flaps that hang under chins.  Like what some cows have, as well as some dogs.

5. The Patagium of Flying Squirrels and Bats

The Patagium is the membranous skin that allows flying squirrels to glide and bats to fly.  It’s their “wings” for simplicity’s sake.

4. The Ampullae of Lorenzini of Sharks, Rays, and Chimaeras

These are jelly-filled pores, typically found around a shark’s snout, that help to sense electrical fields.

3. The Esca in Anglerfish

This is that little lightbulb thing that hangs in front of their face.

2. The Antecubital Space of Humans

Also known as the Cubital Fossa or the Chelidon, this would be your “elbow pit”- the opposite side of your elbow.

1. The Flanges of Orangutans

These would be, for lack of a better word, their cheek flaps.  It’s why they have such wide faces.