The Weekly Round Up: February 19-25

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Lyrica purchase canada Welcome back to the Weekly Round Up!  If this is your first time here, it’s nice to meet you!  Grab a seat, get comfortable, settle in- cause it’s been an interesting week.  We’ve got some shitty stuff- like more microplastics in our oceans than imaginable and an end to the on ground protests against the DAPL- but also some really great stuff- like California moving to save the environment from Trump and some bee research that is seriously cool.  Honestly, the bee research is real fascinating.  So without further ado, let’s dive in!

buy generic modafinil online uk Discord in Angela Merkel’s government after environmental ministry bans meat at official functions

“Paris agreement not enough” to prevent catastrophic coral bleaching, marine biologists warn

California moves to pre-empt Trump on environment, endangered species

“Turn the tide on plastic” urges UN, as microplastics in the seas now outnumber stars in our galaxy

Indonesia to declare war on marine plastic debris: Environment minister

B.C. environment minister cancels waste discharge permit at Shawnigan Lake

Protesters removed from Dakota Access pipeline camp: “The battleground has shifted to the legal courts”

Australia’s plan to eradicate carp using herpes virus is “serious risk to global food security”

GOP congressman: Getting rich will solve that whole environment thing

And finally, Intelligence test shows bees can learn to solve tasks from other bees

That’s it for this week’s Round Up, be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions, or if we missed any major environmental news stories!