The Weekly Round Up: January 22-28

follow site Holy shit this week was a mess.  Trump just can’t seem to quit being an all around awful human being, and because of it, the US is looking pretty broken right now.  It does explain all the rain we’ve been getting here though- it should be snowing, but since we live up above a giant flaming pile of refuse, it’s just too hot.  I honestly don’t know how to respond to any of it- it’s pretty shocking, disgusting, mindboggling, scary- so I’m just going to try and run things as per usual.  Things aren’t as per usual, things are anything but usual, but I need this to run the same.  So I know there is bigger news out there, I get that, but this news here will be the same as usual.  So, here’s the environmental news that caught my attention this week. These heroic guerilla scientists and librarians are racing to save environmental data from Trump

London just set a new modern pollution record

Trump’s wall could cause serious environmental damage

Animals that grow designer organs for humans are a step closer

In frigid cold, Mongolians stand in protest of air pollution

Donald Trump says he’s “an environmentalist,” promptly announces plans to destroy the environment

The nation’s zoos know you need to see cute animals right now

And finally, President of the environment Al Gore to host “Climate Change Summit” after CDC cancels it