Let’s Talk About… Black Mambas!

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http://laurier-optical.com/locations/?wpsl-search-input=S0H They say the best way to get over your fear is to learn and understand it. I used to have a major fear of snakes, but over time I have learned about just how cool snakes are, and now I’m not nearly as afraid of them. That’s because when you think of classic Hollywood movies like Snakes On A Plane or Anaconda, the species of snakes that are used in these films are usually not harmful to humans. Quite often they are a mixture of constrictors, which are not venomous at all. This is why it confuses me that a horror movie has never been created about the black mamba ( here Dendroaspis polylepis). This snake species is legitimately terrifying, so let’s talk about the black mamba!

220px-Dendroaspis_polylepis_strikingWhy it’s called the black mamba, nobody really knows, since the snake isn’t black. Instead, a black mamba can range from an olive-green to a dark brown. The only distinct part of a black mamba is the inside of its mouth. What can also be found in its mouth are fangs that administer highly toxic venom! If not treated, a bite from one of these guys will have you on your back within 45 minutes, and dead in a few hours. To those that live alongside the black mamba in South Africa, a bite is also known as “the kiss of death”!

Black mambas are also super long! They can grow, on average, to 2 metres and often grow up to be 3 metres in length! They can be found in trees, but prefer to ambush prey from hidden lairs on the ground. Oh yeah, you could just be walking along sub-Saharan Africa and straight into a snake’s lair! Like it’s a GD evil villain!

The black mamba is also considered to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, snake on Earth. A provoked black mamba was reported moving at 11km/h! Mind you this only lasted for 43 metres, but if I saw a 3 metre snake move that quickly towards me I would probably lose my mind!


Even though this snake seems like a killing machine, reports of attacks on humans are few and far between. Like many other snake species, the black mamba would rather get away from humans than have to confront or defend itself. Regardless, I think this snake is one of the scariest animals on the planet. Since it is so unassuming with no bright colour markings and yet it packs some serious power, it’s shocking to me that Hollywood has not jumped on this yet!