Scientists Turn CO2 Into Rock!!!

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follow site How about this awesome story to whisk you into a beautiful weekend?  Thanks to some new research coming out of Iceland, scientists might have found a pretty nifty way of storing carbon dioxide, without having it warm up our Earth.  By pumping it into the ground- specifically into Icelandic volcanic rock- they were able to turn the gas into, what is essentially, limestone, after it reacted with the basalt present there.  How cool is that?!?!

go site Now, there are obviously some downsides to this, everything isn’t peaches and cream here, but for the most part it’s pretty great.  Unlike other carbon capture and storage projects, where the gas is just stored underground as gas, this new process eliminates the risk of the gas escaping out from underground, and apparently cuts down on some costs.  The research team is also scheduled to bury 10,000 tonnes of the gas a year, now that the process has been proven successful.

The negatives of this process involve time and water.  Unfortunately, while this may seem like a great magic trick, it’s not as quick as the magic you’re used to.  The whole process of turning CO2 into stone takes 2 whole years, which, while better than the expected hundreds/thousands of years projected at the start, is still a tough pill to swallow.  (Seriously though, who okayed this project????  It could have taken thousands of year before rock-1090316_960_720they found any results!)  In terms of the water, in order for the gas to turn into a solid, a ton of water is apparently needed.  Fortunately, however, it turns out that sea water can be used- which we have quite a lot of- so as long as the operation takes place close to an ocean, everything should work out for the best.

All in all, I’m pretty excited.  10,000 tonnes of CO2 is a lot of tonnes, and that’s just for the one location.  Now that we know that this process is feasible- and works- more sites should hopefully be springing up.  Even with the process taking two years, once the gas is underground, as long as no one screws up, it should remain underground and out of our atmosphere.  This could actually be pretty great for us.

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