Let’s Talk About…Slime Molds!

buy cheap Lyrica online Nature constantly amazes us here and so we had to spend an entire article on one of the most fascinating groups of organisms on the planet: slime molds! These guys are unlike anything else on planet Earth! At first these creatures were classified with fungi, and have gone through more names than P. Diddy, at times being called  Myxomycota, Acrasiomycota and Labyrinthulomycota. Thanks to genetic analysis technology, slime molds have been placed in several different groups, none of which relate to fungi. 


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One reason many of us are unaware of slime molds is because for most of their lives, they exist as single-celled organisms. Feeding on other microorganisms, cellular slime molds are perfectly happy leading a solitary life, that is until there is no food. When supplies are low, slime molds congregate in order to form a multi-cellular entity to search out more food and resources. These real-life megazords come in a variety of sizes from being no more than a few centimetres long to being 30 square centimetres and weighing 30 grams! 


Mycetozoa By Ernst Haeckel – Kunstformen der Natur (1904)

When the slime mold cells come together, different cells can become specialized for detecting food sources. The new slug-like organism can then move to a more suitable location- often from under leaf litter, to the top. The slime mold can also take on a more plant-like form in order to reproduce. The slime mold cells will begin to differentiate again into a stalk with a bulb on top (also known as a sporangia) that releases millions of single-celled spores to get the whole cycle starting again. 

Imagine living in a time where all of life was divided into a few main groups such as plants, animals, fungi, and protozoa (super small things). Then out of nowhere these slime molds walk onto the stage and just start flipping tables! Thanks to slime molds and other natural anomalies, our perception on what life is, is constantly being shifted. It’s just like they say; great things do come in tiny, slimy, abnormal packages.