The Weekly Round Up: May 15-21

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buy provigil online without Well guys, I’m going to be upfront and truthful with you, this week wasn’t too great.  There was quite a bit of doom and gloom going around, and not just because DOOM has been out for a little more than a week (which is apparently quite good, so… silver lining?).  Seriously, there was some pretty big, bad news this week.  Fortunately, there was also some good stuff- key word being some– so let’s hold hands, and get through this together. Well, to ruin any sort of a wonderful week you might have been having, I’m starting off with the worst.  I’ll try and build it back up afterwards, but get ready.  Firstly, a new report, coming out of Australia, has found that the Great Barrier Reef will die out within five years unless a 10 billion (Australian) dollar plan is committed to saving it.  Now, that doesn’t mean it can’t be saved, the government could decide to pay up, but the next story will probably show you there’s no hope of that…sorry.


That next story is that the Australian government has just okayed a plan to cull the country’s kangaroo population by 1,900 individuals.  According to the government, there are too many of them living down unda’, and they’re ravaging the vegetation.  But, there’s apparently no scientific backed research saying that kangaroo population numbers have spiked dramatically, and some think the cullings might just be to bolster the kangaroo meat industry.  What I’m trying to say here is that if the government is ignoring science for its land animals, the new Great Barrier Reef research will absolutely be ignored.  Like I said, week ruined, I’ll try and build you all back up from here.

Ready for some levity?  A bunch of kindergarteners have just named a new bald eagle at the Reflection Riding and Nature Center, in Chattanooga Tenn., Flora Nooga.  The name is apparently a mash up of Florida, where the eagle was hit by a car, and Chattanooga, where the eagle is now living and rehabilitating.  Have you ever heard of a name more whimsical and so wonderfully pure and childish?!?  Good things still exist in this world.


Keeping up with the good news (there’s some bad stuff still to come, sorry), not all the news out of Australia was horrible this week.  A team of scientists from the University of New South Wales have just achieved solar cell efficiency of 34.5%, something we didn’t think we’d be able to do for another 30 years!  It’s all pretty exciting, and will hopefully help to stop the country’s Australian Renewable Energy Agency, which helps fun projects like this, from being shut down- something the current government wants to do… Australia needs to get its shit straight, my god!

In some other researchy type news of the week, a new study just came out estimating that the total number of species on Earth could be around 1 trillion!  The researchers included every type of living organism, from microbes and insects to plants and animals, in their estimation, and say that new techniques in genetic sequencing have allowed the microbial world to be better explored and quantified- hence the staggering number.  Now, whether the true number is 1 trillion, or 10 billion, or 8 billion, or 2 billion, we probably won’t ever know, but at the end of the day, however, I think we can all agree that there’s a lot of stuff living on this planet!


Back to the bad news.  In case you didn’t know, the Earth is in the shitter.  Another study has just come out, this time from the UN, finding that we are using natural resources, and damaging the environment, faster than the Earth can repair and fix itself.  Simply put, we’re outpacing the Earth.  Oh, and the study brought together 1,203 scientists, including more than 160 governments, when evaluating all of this, so it’s pretty darn serious- once again, hence the gloominess of this week.

For all you conscientious meat eaters out there, CTV news put together a little cheat sheet this week explaining what all of the humane/organic certificate programs and stickers you see on products actually mean.  It’s a pretty nice little list, and will definitely help you separate the wheat from the chaff.  Idioms!


Now, to end strong.  In some new awesome science coming out of the Comprehensive NeuroAIDS Center at Temple University, researchers there have successfully cut out HIV genes from infected mice and rats using the CRISPR technique, leaving the animals alive and healthy.  This has yet to be done on people, BUT the technique has previously been successfully used on HIV infected cells taken from humans, then grown in a Petri dish, so the probability of it also working on living people is pretty high.  It’s exciting!

And finally, continuing to end strong, a Norwegian energy company has just been given the green light to start building a floating windfarm off the coast of Scotland.  The farm should be fully functional by 2017, and will immensely help generate energy, as the strongest winds on the planet are typically offshore.  Yay, ending strong!

That’s it for this week’s Round Up though, be sure to comment below with your thoughts and opinions, or if we completely missed something important.