Featured Contributor Luana Manzano: Life As We Really Didn’t Expect It


Nowadays, it seems like we can’t predict what’s up next when it comes to our environment. One day there are fires spontaneously burning through acres and acres of land, and the next day one of the earth’s richest ecosystem is flourishing right beneath an oil rig off the coast of California. follow Yes, you read that right. Now, you must be thinking, like I certainly did, “ How the heck is that even possible? That defies anything and everything I’ve ever learned about the environment! Is my whole life a lie?!?!?” Allow me to explain before any of us start questioning many other great mysteries of life.


According to Dr. Love, who has been doing research on offshore drilling and it’s effects on marine life for eons, the rigs have been built “in marine-protected areas in a cold current that swoops down from British Columbia”, which has essentially made them “perfect habitats for fish and other sea life.” Even more surprising, which I couldn’t imagine possible, there have been 400 rigs approved since 1985 in the same coast一yet, the coasts have not turned into artificial green gunk.

Of course, that being said, we shouldn’t go building rigs in any empty coastline available. We still face the incredible harmful effects of oil spills, one of which happened in 1969 and dumped http://nebraskaturfgrass.com/turfiNfo/Aug19yellowingkbg.pdf 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of crude oil into the coast and killed thousands of species in a 40 mile range. So, although our Earth works in mysterious ways and adapts to the changes that go on around it, we should still thrive to protect it at all costs.

Because after all, this:

http://tomcarter.co.uk/daniel-pasteiner-the-increase/ It’s definitely worth living for.

12592473_1251257794890005_1718540132234729901_nWritten by: Luana Manzano