#StartWith1Thing And Change The World

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buy provigil online mexico Last night was the television premiere of a new documentary called Race Extinction on the Discovery Channel. The film looks at our ongoing approach towards the sixth mass extinction. They took a look at a lot of the environmental issues that are driving the loss of biodiversity, such as climate change, the wildlife trade, meat production, and many more. The major takeaway from the documentary was for everyone to #StartWith1Thing because a lot of little things can make a huge difference in our world.

see I can’t lie, I was a bit skeptical after this because I imagined that most people watching the Discover Channel on a Wednesday night (like me) are already educated on many of these issues, and have already made lifestyle changes. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many people take to Twitter to pledge what they’re going to do to help our planet Earth. 

And as always, Dr.Seuss had the final words. 

If you you haven’t seen Racing Extinction yet, click here to find out how to see it for yourself! You can also pledge to  start your 1 thing here! I must say, as someone who has been an environmental enthusiast for so many years, this film really cemented my sentiments towards environmental issues and biodiversity loss. It is my desperate hope that the momentum from this documentary engages more people to become active and encourages those who are already making a change to do just a little bit more. We are all the problem, and the solution. So let’s stop denying our role as global stewards and #StartWith1Thing.