Top 10 Live Animal Cams

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You know, travelling around the world and seeing nature in all its natural beauty is pretty difficult and pretty expensive.  Fortunately for us lazy, poor people, we have the internet, and with the internet comes certain perks.  We can get news for free, we can illegally torrent things to feel like pirates, and we can watch some awesome live feeds of animals in their natural habitats.  Today, we’re more focused on that last one, by bringing you the best of the best when it comes to live animal cams.  Sure, sometimes nothing much is happening with them, but when they’re on, they’re on!  So here are, in no particular order, our 10 favourite live animal cams!

where to buy provigil online 10. Northern Lights Cam

Now this one is 100% the definition of hit or miss.  Obviously, you’re not going to see much during the day, but it’s at night when things get crazy.  If you’re able to catch even just a little glimpse of the Northern Lights, well then, I think it’s worth it!

how to buy dapoxetine 9. Djuma Game Reserve Watering Hole

Elephants, giraffes, birds, antelope- what more could you want?  A little bit of patience, and a little bit of luck is all you need. 8. Ithica Bird Feeder

This one is for all you birders out there.  Put out by the Cornell Lab- so you know it’s good- just patiently wait and watch as all manner of birds appear to eat.

7. Brown Bear Katmai National Park Falls Cam

Just playing highlights when I took a look.  This live cam has everything you could ever want.  Bears, lots of bears, and fish being eaten by bears.

6. American Eagle Foundation Eagle Cam

Multiple angles and a beautiful eagle, this site is worth checking out.

5. Schnauzer Puppy Cam

Yeah, it’s not in the wild, but hey, who doesn’t want to watch a bunch of puppies?  It’s the best type of a pick me up!

4. Hummingbird Feeder Cam

There’s something oddly relaxing about watching this one.  Just put it on in the background and wait for hummingbirds- it’s great.

3. Tau Game Lodge African Cam

I wasn’t going to put another African wildlife cam in this list, and then I saw an alligator pop up out of the water.  You can’t really ignore something like that….

2. Monterey Bay Aquarium Jellyfish Cam

Yeah, it’s not in the wild again, BUT who doesn’t love watching jellyfish?!?  They’re so damn cool!

1. Cape Fear Shark Cam

And finally for you fish people out there.  Personally, I haven’t seen any sharks yet, but I have seen barracuda.  And every so often I see shadows from far off and hope.

There you have it, the top 10 live animal cams.  Did we miss any cool ones?  Comment below if we did!