The Weekly Round Up: August 31- September 4

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can you buy Lyrica in mexico We’re finally back with the Weekly Round Up- did you miss us?– and boy do we have a doozie of a week for you.  From rhino poaching to mass extinctions, this week had some low points, but never fear, we’ll try to bring it back around in the end.  So, without further ado, here’s what interested us this week.

order provigil from canada To try to avoid the doom and gloom right of the bat, there’s a new animal welfare bill being proposed in Florida!  Called the Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety Act, or the PAWS Act (because everything dealing animals has to apparently be childish and cutesy), the bill would allow people, with law enforcement approval, to break into vehicles to help dehydrated and unattended animals if the owners could not be found.  This bill would ignore agricultural animals being transported, but still, how cool is that- you could legally smash car windows to save animals! (


Now for some of that shitty news.  Investigators in South Africa this week have found that rhino poaching has only grown in popularity.  After last years banner year for the rhino horn industry- a record setting 1,215 rhinos killed for their horns last year…yay- this year is shaping up to be even worse.  To date, 749 rhinos have been killed, 33 more than this point in time last year.  The real kicker though, 544 of these slaughtered rhinos were killed within Kruger National Park in South Africa.  In fact the slaughter has gotten so bad that the South African government is considering whether to start selling their stockpiled horns- in a hope to flood the market- or maybe even legalize the trade.  Yep… it’s getting pretty bad out there.  While both of these solutions might work, you’ve gotta hope that there’s a better solution to this horrible problem. (

In some kinda good, kinda bad news, Chinese police busted a live animal smuggling ring taking place across the country this week.  The bad news about the whole thing- it was pretty horrendous.  The smuggled animals weren’t being traded and sold as pets, but as meat.  The live animals, which included bears, pangolins, and ocelots- were sedated than shipped off to hungry buyers, 20% of which owned hotels or small rural restaurants.  The good news, so far 2,168 animals have been rescued and 65 people have been arrested in this ongoing investigation.  So like… at least there’s that… right? (


Mass extinctions.  While at this point we should all know that we’re currently causing the sixth mass extinction, new research has just come out about the first mass extinction.  Apparently the first mass extinction ever experienced on Earth wasn’t caused by volcanoes or meteorites, but by animals.  As evolution really started to take hold, turning some plants into independently moving animals, the rest of the unevolved world effectively turned into one giant all-you-can-eat salad bar- and did they ever eat it all! Never having to experience predators before, the plants were defenseless and ripe for the picking, and the resulting buffet took a lasting toll on the Earth.  But hey, at least this means that our current mass extinction isn’t the first one ever to be caused by animals, so we’re more or less in the clear now… at least I think that’s how it works… (

And finally to brighten your day, with some news that’s very barely related to nature and animals, 64 horses, camels, donkeys, cows, reindeer, and zebras- sorry 64 pantomime horses, camels, donkeys, cows, reindeer, and zebras- took to the field in Gosforth, England to set a new Guinness World Record.  Sure this isn’t necessarily related to animals, but in terms of animal welfare pantomime horse races are much better for the well being of horses, and clearly the popularity is growing.  Anyways, just enjoy the fact that grown ass human beings donned horse costumes in pairs to race other such crazy people.  It’s really something beautiful! (

But that’s the weekly round up for this week.  But what do you think- is smashing windows to save animals a good law, is there a better solution to the rhino horn trade, could pantomime horse races become more popular than real horse races?  Leave your comments and thoughts below!