Let’s Talk About: Sea Lamprey

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buy Pregabalin online australia Lampreys, or the devil’s suction cups, are terrifying.  In fact they don’t even look real, and are a much better reason to never go into the ocean than sharks.  But what’s cool about them, other than the fact that they look like something out of a horror film, is that they actually pre-date sharks and other fish, breaking off of the tree of life first!  Oh and they’ve made they’re way into the Great Lakes water system all the way from the Atlantic Ocean.  Yeah, they’re pretty much in your backyard… So let’s talk about lampreys!

http://pittsburgh-divorce.net/staging/family-law-practice/ Sea lampreys, as the name suggests, typically live in salt water environments, aka oceans (although they’ve also miraculously adapted to the freshwater in the Great Lakes).  Looking like vampire eels, these guys live a parasitic lifestyle, living off of fish blood, and have actually been known to drink so much blood from their fishy victims that theysea-lamprey-petromyzon-marinus-725x488 actually kill them.  Fortunately for humans, they only attack cold blooded organisms… unless you’re Jeremy… goddammit Jeremy.  After latching on to a fish, or Jeremy, the lampreys then use their round disc mouth of death to slowly bore into their prey so that they can easily drink their blood.

Seriously, they’re awful.  I’d swim with sharks for fun.  Gun to my head, I wouldn’t get into a tub of lampreys.

That’s not all though, these guys grow to be about 75 cm in length, although some have been known to grow as long as a metre.  Also, they lay a shit ton of eggs.  I’m not talking in the hundreds either, after travelling to freshwater to breed, a female sea lamprey can lay between 35,000 to 100,000 eggs.  Yep, think about that… they’re in our lakes right now.  After spawning, however, the parents actually die- so there’s that.  It then takes 3 to 4 years for the new little babies to grow into awful parasitic adults, so we’ve at least got a bit of time to find them and kill them- and yes we need to kill download (3)them.  In the Great Lakes, sea lampreys are a horribly invasive species, completely taking over and decimating local fish populations.  Fortunately, we’ve killed about 90% of them… but at the same time they spawn up to 100,000 new little demons at a time, so we’ve kinda got our hands full.

Lampreys, however, aren’t all bad.  In Europe, for instance, they’re actually a delicacy.  Fun fact of the day- apparently Europeans are crazy.  Clearly this trend hasn’t caught on over here across the pond, but that does explain why everyone seems to be a fan of lamprey pie in the Song of Ice and Fire series.  They might skip out on the popularity of lamprey in the Game of Thrones series, but it’s found throughout the books.  And they don’t have scales, which is, you know, kinda cool.

But those are sea lampreys, awful demon suction cups with fins.

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