It’s Getting Political! The Conservative’s Environmental Platform stephen harper

source link For those who have been busy binge-watching Netflix all summer (like me), you may have missed that there is an election going on in Canada. Although we don’t have a “superstar” candidate like Donald Trump to keep things entertaining, it’s still important for us to be knowledgeable on the issues. On a side note: as boring as Canadian politics can be at times, I have to hand it to some of the candidates this year because these scandals (google MP peeing in a cup) is next-level crazy! I always say that there is no better time to be an environmental activist than during an election because those people WANT votes! So we, as environmental lovers, need to make sure that our plans for Canada’s natural spaces match with those of the government parties we vote for. So we will be working from the right to the left, and today we are focussing on the Conservative’s platform.

The Conservatives plan to invest $113 million into an Environmental Action Plan over the next five years (whatever that means). An additional $25 million will go towards creating stiffer penalties for serious environmental crimes: up to $6 million for corporations and $1 million for individuals. The funds would also go towards a team of specialized environmental prosecutors, the creation of environmental laws, and increased inspection and seizure powers… I would just hope that the group of prosecutors have fabulous, super-hero, costumes.

prandin 2mg high Break time: Here’s a funny video!

Now that we’ve taken a break, let’s get back to the platform!

They also plan to continue to promote the development of Northern pipelines to move oil and gas to Canada and the rest of the world. However, they say they will also prohibit the exportation of bitumen (un-refined oil from the oil sands) to other countries that don’t have the same emission targets as us.

Speaking of emissions, they also plan on using a regulatory framework to place mandatory emission reduction targets on industries in order to reduce Canada’s emissions by an ABSOLUTE 20% by the year 2020.

The Conservatives plan to also put more pressure on Canadian industries by creating a database that would tell the public about any environmental convictions given to companies. Corporations would also be forced to notify shareholders of any environmental convictions and the resulting punishments.

The biggest promise by the Conservatives is a $2 billion ecoENERGY initiative which would promote smarter energy use, greater use of clean energy sources, and cleaner use of traditional energy sources.

We hope that everyone gets out and votes! Make sure that you are making a smart vote. For more info on the Conservative’s platform, check out the link below;