Top 10 Animal Fails

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They say to err is human, but I’d argue we’re not the only ones who make mistakes.  I mean, I’ve personally seen my dog run into a screen door on multiple occasions, and birds hit windows so often that big cities hire bird clean-up crews to collect dead birds every morning.  While that second one might not be too funny, there are plenty of great videos out there of animal fails that are quite funny.  So here are ten of my personal favourite animal fail videos: 1.

get link And I thought penguins were pretty smart…

follow link 2.

Sure you’ve probably seen this before, but it’s still wonderfully funny


From majestic to pathetic all in one second


Life on stilts can apparently be pretty difficult


It just keeps getting funnier and funnier


There are few things funnier than a sleep-running dog


I don’t know what’s funnier, the bird making a mistake, or the tiger getting scared


Note to self, butts smell bad


It’s a two for one!


Just swim it off, just swim it off

There you have it, my ten favourite animal fail videos.  Did I miss any funnier ones?  Comment below with your favourite animal fail videos.