Cats and Cardboard Boxes= Happiness


I don’t know about you guys, but I could really go for something uplifting right about now, and I think I’ve found the best remedy.  What do you get when you give a cat a cardboard box?  Millions of hits on youtube, and an overload of cuteness.  Money can’t buy you happiness, but I think cats with cardboard can, so here are ten videos of cats being all adorable and such, hopefully you haven’t seen them before.

buy generic accutane online cheap 1.

Pure satisfaction 2. 

It’s so unfortunate, but so funny!

follow 3.

It might be long, the music might be annoying, but look at the kittens


Just look at the little guy


This video has too much suspense for me


No bananas were harmed in the making of this film


It’s at times like these that I don’t understand the magic of cardboard


If I fits, I sits


It may not be a cardboard box, but I’ll let it slide


Sure it sounds like they’re at a circus, but look at their little faces


Sure, it’s not a box, but still.  Look at how much fun cardboard can be