Let’s Talk About: Dung Beetles

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Seroquel no doctors prescription Feeling down in the dumps?  Or maybe you’re just a little pooped today.  Well have no fear, today’s all about the dung beetle.  Not because they’re the coolest thing since sliced bread or because David Attenborough once spent almost two and a half minutes talking about the beetles, dung, and their martial arts abilities.  No, today’s all about dung beetles so that I can make countless amounts of shitty puns.  I’m about to drop some real knowledge on you guys, so let’s talk about dung beetles.

follow url My personal favourite thing about dung beetles, is that scientists apparently love to dress them up.  All in the name of science, of course, scientists have used tiny hats and boots in order to understand dung beetle behaviour.  Using tiny hats, we’ve learned how dung beetles roll poop in straight lines.  You see, some species of dung beetles won’t stay with a fresh pile of manure when they find it, and will instead form it into a ball and roll it to safety where they can bury and eat it .  Just to make things difficult, however, they push their dung ball while walking backwards, and Scarabaeus_laticollisalthough they can’t see where they are going, the beetles are still able to roll their meal in a straight line.  Apparently by shitting- sorry shifting- their gaze upwards, dung beetles use the stars (or more accurately polarized light) in order to achieve this weird phenomenon- as when they were given hats, which blocked out their view of the stars, they instead just walked in circles.

But what about the boots?

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about those.  Another weird behaviour scientists noticed was that dung beetles would stop pushing their dung ball, and climb up onto it.  Thanks to tiny boots, we’ve found out that it’s not simply to gaze out at the world around them, or even to take a load off, but to actually cool their feet off.  After putting boots on, which protected their feet from the burning hot ground, dung beetles actually took less breaks.  So much for the phrase “steaming pile of shit“, guess the scientists learned more than they bargained for.

Really though, what truly sets these guys apart isn’t that they eat poop- lots of things actually eat poo… like rabbits- but it’s actually their strength that makes them special.  Pushing poop isn’t the walk in the park that it sounds like, as dung beetles are actually, pound for pound, the strongest multi-celled organism on earth.  I shit you not, the strongestgiphy (2) dung beetle ever recorded was able to pull something weighing 1,141 times their own body weight.  In humans, that would be like pulling something that weighs 80 tons!  Kinda makes you feel like crap for all that time you put in at the gym, huh.

But those are dung beetles, the strongest dung rollers in the world.  Want to know more about these powerful poop pushers?  Then check out the links below: