March Conservation Series: How to Help

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source site For the past three weeks we have taken a look at large cat conservation around the world. First, we looked at the current populations of large cats. Then we focussed on the main threats that these species face, finally, putting a focus on the key contributors to these issues. Well today we are rounding out this month’s conservation series by putting all of our attention on how we can do something to help these species. Even though these animals are found all over the world, we can still make a positive difference in making sure that they stick around for a long time.

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I know that it’s super cliché, but it makes a lot of sense. If you don’t want to impact the environment of a Tiger in India or a Jaguar in the Amazon, then don’t purchase products that are sourced from those habitats. Also, buying locally allows you to improve your local economy and learn about exactly where your food and products come from. Finally, buying locally is a great way for you to connect with your community!

Take a break from soy and palm oil

Don’t worry, I know this sounds like an almost impossible request! It seems like everything has either soy or palm oil in it. It’s important, though, to be aware of when you are making these purchases. For example, if you love Palmolive dish soap and you can’t think about purchasing any other dish soap, then learn about where your dish soap comes from. If you want your products to be sourced sustainably, then put pressure on these companies to make that change.

Talk to your government!

If you don’t live where big cats live, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your voice heard! As global citizens our voices have a lot of power to make change happen. If you want governments to take large cat conservation seriously, you need to tell them that it matters to you. Now with members of parliament having Twitter and Facebook accounts, it is easier than ever to get your voice heard (and a heck of a lot of fun to spam them with your message)!

Check for Sustainable Certification

With the green movement, there are many certifications out there that can help you make better choices when buying products. Two certifications that we recommend to help large cats are given by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Rainforest Alliance Certification. Both of these organizations promote and monitor sustainable forestry and agricultural practices. fsc raIt’s also important to stay on top of these certifications and make sure that they are accurate and effective.

Support Organizations

We have been putting a lot of emphasis on governments and companies who are not helping big cats, but it’s equally as important to acknowledge those who are doing great work to help them! In 2014 a global alliance was assembled by members from China, India, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates, which contributed $80 million towards big cat conservation! As the largest initiative in big cat conservation, we have high hopes that a positive difference can be made.


We hope that all of this information has been helpful and interesting! Our goal is to not only get information about these issues out, but make sure that there is something that we can all do to help! If you love big cats as much as we do, we hope that you will take these steps to help them out!